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Astral Projection and Astral Plane Travel
« on: May 19, 2018, 08:57:40 pm »
Dang I could write a few books in this category..... I have a lot of experience with astral projecting (not even by choice)...and astral plane travel (by choice).
First I'll define these two terms from my viewpoint.
Astral projection is simply separating the astral body from the physical and moving from point A to Point B, sometimes via intention, othertimes .....just however it works out.
There is very little purpose in this for the New Seers, in fact I'd say it is very counter productive.
Note the Name, "ASTRAL projection".
What is the astral body?   well "Astral" denotes Desire/Duality, some seers call the astral plane, the plane of desire.... which is quite accurate.
Duality is cultivated to it's end point with the old seers, so for them this process could have benefits....but for the new seers it will only magnetize them more to their description....which it is their task to transcend.
So once again the student needs to determine if they are a new or old seer.
Now astral plane travel is different.
The astral plane is the realm we pass through when we die.
This is an intense place with very powerful attributes...... and dangers.
This is where the Double lives, this is where the "Heaven and Hell Realms" are.
This is where the yoga of the death state takes place.....
But should not be traveled without a Teacher,
it is after all the plane of desire, so we can be easily distracted there.
Gazing at our own Double there can halt our evolution,
just momentarily focusing on any of the realms there can pull us in to an "eternity" in one of these places (though luckily a blink of an eye in our time, if we can extricate ourselves from it....which is very difficult....)
So, for us that are the New Seers, if we have a teacher that understands that Plane,
we can gain very great benefit by traveling there.
The main rule is not to be distracted and to go...focus attention and intention on the Pure Light beyond the darkness and realms and constructs floating about.  This is a difficult task as well if our "island: isn't very clean. As all the clutter on the "island" resonates at certain differing frequencies (that are counter productive to our progress)...and the nature of the realm will draw from the plane that which resonates in a similar frequency...... making cleaning our Island even more difficult as we pile the crap on deeper.
I learned a vast amount by travelling there, by following (sometimes) my teachers instructions....but I learned more by cheating......... however lost many , 30 plus years of my evolution by doing so.

At one point in time I was out of my body more than I was in it.  Astral projecting all over the place, watching my wife cook diner, floating down the street...... It sucked, because I was always afraid I couldn't get back into my was a problem..... I finally found someone that told me very thick black doses of Valerian tea would bring me worked like a charm.  But it was, after all, my "Cheating" in my astral plane travels that created the problem of being out of my body.....without that intention, for prolonged periods of time.
So, in summation.....
Old style seers might have some use for astral projecting.
To The New Seers, it is counter-productive.
For the New Seers, one of the fastest and greatest paths to personal power,
is found in the proper use of the astral plane, but again this is a very hazardous path without a Teacher that knows the ropes.

Thanks again for having this forum that allows the discussion of subjects rarely encountered or understood by the majority of humans.

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Re: Astral Projection and Astral Plane Travel
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2018, 02:59:46 pm »
Jeff, what would you say is the proper use of the astral plane?
"To those who would say that love is a dependency, I would say instead that it is the ultimate freedom, for within the creative force of love lies The Reason, which is the catalyst of all change and evolution." Mikal Nyght


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Re: Astral Projection and Astral Plane Travel
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2018, 03:35:42 pm »
Sorry I didn't answer sooner, didn't get notified...maybe I didn't hit the notify of replies button.
That would depend on your point on the evolutionary wheel.
 For those still collecting their description..hmmm,
 haven't been that kind of sorcerer in a long time....
I mean, for ordinary man I don't see any gain in evolution, just a distraction.... For an old world sorcerer ... if you have a Teacher that knows the ropes, you can collect all sorts of non-ordinary stuff into your description.....but these days where that can land you in the looney bin unless you live in a society of could be problematic..
First let's consider the magnetic nature of the plane.... It's all about frequency of vibration..... and magnetism. So you could draw Like to yourself, building the description more quickly...evolving more quickly, BUT the Momentum of the planes there is a considerable danger....and very few have the training necessary to avoid these or extricate themselves once they pull into them. The biggest danger is the cultivation of Obsessions with non-real things..... I see a lot of this in writings of some students.And some quotes I've seen here.. This is the plane of projections of desire and fear......  what the old sorcerers defined themselves with, BUT what the New Sorcerers are escaping.
So for the old sorcerers.... if they have direction..... I see potential for more quickly defining their reality, and with access to the "timeless" Double, this would seem the case.
Now for the New Sorcerers it's a totally different story. The astral plane is Built in Duality which the new sorcerers are extricating themselves from,
it has realms that can distract the energy body from the quest for Freedom that is the New Sorcerers driving intent.
 And also the Double which is a reflection of all the dualistic notions ever placed upon the sorcerers energy body in the the Laws of the Plane.....if the mistake is made and the Double is faced....serious de-evolution can take place. (been there, done that) That being said, under the proper direction of one who understands the Dangers, there is no better place for accomplishing the sorcerers main task, which is of course Evolving.
I've seen so many people on forums like this that have no comprehension what it is about, Glamour draws them there and they become obsessed with what they see in other realms, entities and such.  They get all fascinated (and slightly obsessed) with things that have no real reality beyond being a creation of some mass emotional/mental construct.  I mean for the New Sorcerers these entities and realms have ZERO purpose, they are distractions created in astral energy which to the new sorcerers is to be avoided at all cost. For the new sorcerers Desire and fear....Duality has no place. It's a prison for them, whereas for the old sorcerers it is The Freakin Path.  So once again I restate the importance of students figuring out just which ones they are. Old or new. Driven to create an impeccable description in the world of Man....OR, Driven to escape the description.   You see a lot of folks following Don Juan are doing it because it seems cool..... powerful, like something they really want to add to their Island.  They are the old sorcerer types.   Then there are the new ones whose Islands are full almost to overflowing and they've come to the point where they are getting rid of their collection, totally letting it go. On the astral plane, if they can avoid the distractions and make it to the Light on the other side, they can literally Burn that Crap up...gone, Bye Bye.  Enhanced evolution.
So you see it's all about what enhances evolution.
The wheel turns first into "form"...Into getting that unique,separate description together to fill our position in eternity. 
Once filled the path is backwards upon itself.  This is where the recap comes in, the cleaning of the Island.
The Old sorcerers built their Island,
 the New dismantle it.