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Lucid Dreaming
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Fun Subject
Back in 1970 I appeared like just a normal guy until one day I climbed a small mountain, Mt Helen, or Ellen...near Santa Cruz Calif.
 Up to that point I had had no "spiritual or Magical inclination.
 Well I sat on top looking was so beautiful that I began to cry.
 It was too beautiful and the thought of leaving there was painful so I closed my eyes to shut out the intense beauty.
Then a voice in my head said,
 "Take it All in all at once, like use your mind like a camera."
  I did that....... then my assemblage point drastically shifted.
Suddenly I was sitting on the outer edge of Creation, looking back in at this ....golden spiderweb where everything was connected.
 No use talking about that experience because it was just too vast what was gleaned.
I came out of it totally different, I felt the trees and plants around me, like they were talking to me.
I went back down the Mountain and was guided by the trees to a bookstore in Palo Alto CAlif, called the Plowshare. Up to then I wasn't really a reader. But there was a room in the back called the seed center where I was guided straight away to books that were written by Teachers from my previous life....which living with very narrow parents /military Covert ops types....I had long ago denied.
The Teacher was from Tibet, the books were the Treatise on White Magic written by Alice Bailey under instruction from my previous teacher.
I also picked up,"the Light of the Soul...same author, which was a translation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjili.
I went right home and started reading them.
That night began the first night of my "lucid dreaming".
I was in a place I ended up calling the 'White Hall", because everything was white, including the robe on the person who was teaching me there.
 He was explaining to me what I had read in the white magic book that day
, and carrying it forward to the next "Rule".
Holy Shit.
Every night for a long time I met him there, and he taught me the next lesson. But it wasn't just giving explanations, it was showing me the techniques...the rules for Magic.
These are not things you learn and put into your brain, they are rather experiences.....
It made it all very easy and real, then I was guided to a book on Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines ...... and was taught these things alongside the white magic.
An interesting thing about the Teacher was I could only look at his hands, if I looked at his face...... I'd flash out of my body, into pure white light. It happened every time I tried.
So these nightly lessons and the daily practice of them became my life.

Then one night, the day before I discovered Carlos's books I ended up in the desert in a little adobe, possibly house/gas station.
There was a Teacher there, and my girlfriend/future wife was there as well.
The teacher was Indian.
There were quite a few people there, but they all seemed to me to be "tripping", which at the time meant ego tripping or in Don Juans terms...indulging to the n'th degree.
The Teacher was talking to me about amassing personal power, but like the other teacher in the white hall, every time I tried to look at his face, I'd dissolve into Light....but this time it was a pink light.
 It happened quite a few times and I was sort of freaking out, being without my body in this pink light, so I kept calling out my girlfriends name and it brought me back.....until the last time.
 Seemed like I was out there for a very long time.
 I woke up in a bathtub with them pouring cold water over me.
 The Teacher was there and asked me to take a walk in the desert with him.
This time I decided to just look at his hands.  He was going to take me to a "place of power"... (interesting that the next day I found Carlos's books and Don Juan used the same language).
So we're walking out behind the small house into the desert and he's talking to me....I forget what.  But then I asked him, Basically "what are you doing with all these Tripping people."  His answer was two things at once. Out loud, for anyone to hear if anyone was there he said, "an oasis would not be an oasis without trees". But at the same time, in my head I heard him say,"rats always run to water".  I'm still not sure what he was telling me. I thought I knew then...but I was an idiot.
That was in the beginning.
Much later the White Hall changed, and it wasn't just me, but others were also there in the background.
 Years later it changed again, and I was with a group of people, the Teacher was not there...and the places we met and discussed things were now Ornate.....everything beautifully handcrafted. Some of the folks didn't look quite human and there were some weird animals there that looked like a cross between a monkey and a cat....and these were very intuitive animals.
I eventually accepted this as my "group" and it got very interesting some of the things that happened.
We were often being tested in wild and crazy ways, we met in old buildings that were in a village with cobblestone streets.  In many of the meetings there were symbols of Light that appeared or were there, on the ground or roof of a building, sometimes White, sometimes green. I've not ever been able to recall the symbol when I was awake. OH yeah, and we flew everywhere...
Sometimes those giving us the "tests"...which were basically being put in situations, quite intense to see what we would do....these testers were also very different, Humanoid but..taller and bald....

In more recent years my lucid dreaming has often had me being an Eagle.
  Very trippy because you see differently.
 One time it was near here, flying over the river dragging my toe...seeing the houses lit up on the sides of the river, but most of the time, dozens of times it has been flying to a place in the desert. Arizona near Calif. border. There is a place with these tall pinnacle rocks, a group of people live there, they don't talk....very High folks.
I've been there so many times I could draw a map and finally went to Google earth to see if I could find it. I think I got very close. All the landmarks were there.

Another really cool time I was some type of dolphin. A small black type. Now that was exceptionally cool because of the way they "see" and Communicate. I mean I was seeing and communicating as they do....well, I was one of them. The seeing part was cool because of the way they perceive's like the whole pod is one thing and the water is an extension of them, and the feeling of the water...the way it is seen is totally different than how we was like seeing and feeling a joyful explosion of blue bubbles (for lack of a better descriptive term)..( i once was travelling in water as myself, and perceived it the same way).and their communication is psychic, They are like all parts of the one thing.  Part of the group was questioning the route, as it was different then all years past, and the answer was that the water temp had changed and they had to follow the food which had shifted courses.... But the experience wasn't a human one....and it was very blissful.

Well that was just the tip of an iceberg to get this thread moving along.
It feels good to get some of this stuff out, being that this is all a part of myself I generally keep hidden.
Lifetimes of being burned at the stake and drowned will do that to you, make you kind of Paranoid and secretive.

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