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To Dream Or Not To Dream
« on: October 16, 2018, 12:31:31 pm »
Following are two quotes -- the first from Lujan Matus' book, "Shadows In The Twilight", and the other from The Art Of Dreaming by CC -- which are clearly contradictory. I don't mean to imply that Lujan is intentionally lying -- perhaps he simply didn't read TAOD, and most likely this was his best guess as to the reason why don Juan sent Carlos into the Inorganic Beings' realm to gather Dark energy -- either way, he is incorrect....

From Shadows in the Twilight....

Lujan is asked, "The most popular teachings on sorcery advise going into dreaming to gather that alien energy and add it to your own. They indicate that you need that energy to progress to the next level of your shamanic journey. Why do they think that energetically blending with those dreaming entities is a good thing?"
Lujan answered and said, "The three pronged nagual who transmitted this information had been prompted to go into dreaming by his teacher. His general characteristics were seen as a dictum of Spirit indicating that this path must be taken. That guidance was not destined to emphasize this way for others, but was prescribed for him alone."

To the contrary, From The Art Of Dreaming...

Don Juan states, "The energy necessary to move assemblages of sorcerers comes from the realm of inorganic beings."
"My solution has been to take their energy but not give in to their influence."
"There is no other viable energy for sorcerers."
"To fly into other realms, to see energy, to forge the energy body. for those maneuvers sorcerers need loads of dark, alien energy."
"Then Carlos asked, "But how do they take it from the inorganic beings' world?" Don Juan replied, "By the mere act of going to that world. All the sorcerers of our line have to do this."
"We can't have dealings with them, and yet we can't stay away from them."

In accordance with his beliefs against acquiring Dark energy from the realm of the IOB's, Lujan Matus concludes....

"You cannot define what your death is going to give you. As far as I know, very few people have any control over this factor. Tell me one person who has saved up enough energy to live forever. No one. No matter how much energy you accumulate you cannot avoid your inevitable end. There are no surpluses to be had; everyone dies."
"To those who would say that love is a dependency, I would say instead that it is the ultimate freedom, for within the creative force of love lies The Reason, which is the catalyst of all change and evolution." Mikal Nyght

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