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The Different Types Of Death Defiers
« on: May 17, 2018, 11:06:35 am »
This was written by John O'Neil, which he posted in our Facebook group, about the different types of death defiers, that I found very interesting, to say the least....

"Since I began having some dreaming experiences with Don Juan showing me how to use elemental energy within sorceric dreams, I realized that the four elements were not only associated with a sorcerer's energy but also had a lot of bearing on the types of death defiers that exist.

The 1st type of death defier is the kind that Castaneda wrote about, and they are associated with the element of earth, but here are two types, the "southern" "white-hand" variety which are social, and the "eastern" "black-hand" variety which are not. The eastern tribe are also the most dangerous type, because they only value power, and will exploit, harm, kill or capture anyone they feel inclined to. Even though they call each other "brother slave," make no mistake, they are slavers who possess slaves which are definitely not their brothers. They are sociopaths as far as I can tell. These sorcerers use the insect form as their primary vehicle of awareness, invented magical passes, and are called simply death defiers, as they are the most common type. Their insect-like intent is what causes their hands to turn black when they do an ancient type of magical pass. The white-hand death defiers seem to do everything in the opposite way of the black-hand, and have recreated very modern settings in their shared dreams, which make them far less weird to interact with in dreaming.

The 2nd kind of death defers are the ones associated with the element of air, and they are called the "god-defiers." They mostly use powerful animal forms in dreaming, but they are unique in the universe in that they actually kill their own dreaming bodies, over a period of what seem to be several reincarnations, leading to their final all-powerful form. As far as I know, they keep to themselves and nothing dares mess with them. They Have seven remaining energy bodies. Their favorite animal form is a sabertooth cat, which tells me they were active before those animals went extinct. I discovered these sorcerers when I came across the remains of their dreaming bodies at the edge of the dreaming universe. It was a horrible enough scene when I thought that it was a natural death defier graveyard, but took on a whole new level when I found out it was the result of self-inflicted pruning.

The 3rd type of death defiers are the sorcerers associated with the element of fire, and they are opposite of the god-defiers in that they add a 9th energy body by merging with an inorganic being. When you see them in dreaming, they look like the classic "genies" which have a human form on top and colored glowing smoke instead of legs. They are the friendliest beings I ever met in dreaming, and very large, and probably the strangest things I've ever seen in dreaming. Their world is impervious to the Eagle's force of death upon our gaps. They only die when they choose to, by traveling to another hollow world in dreaming, one which is very small and acts as a shield to the Eagle's life giving force. This results in a very quick end to any being that wakes themselves up there, so don't do that. I would recommend a visit to the genie world to any sorcerer who has decent dream control, it is something to cross off your sorcery bucket list.

Finally, the 4th kind of death defiers are connected with the element of water, and they look very human except for their metal-flake skin. They are called "Atlanteans," and are probably the easiest of all the death defiers to get along with in dreaming, as they are usually very hospitable, not to mention ultra-cool in every way. They are hostile towards the black hand type of death defiers, for good reason, and will kill them on site. Because of this ability to vanquish black-hand sorcerers that they have, along with their human-like form, their world is my favorite place to hang out in dreaming when I feel like some company. To get there, you have to intend to dream your way outside of our universe and into theirs. If you succeed, you will first see what I call the "gate world," the place you have to go through to get to their beautiful world, and it is definitely not a place you want to hang out in for long, because it is filled with dark-brown vapor winds that seems to blow at gale strength continuously. There is a small encampment there with a few Atlanteans standing guard in what look like rustic alien teepees. After they check to see if you pose a threat, they will then usher you into their real world."


My question after reading this is if there are other types of death defiers? --- such as the one described by Mikal Nyght and others, in which you create the Double, which lives outside of time, and  is therefore able to amass all of the knowledge you need for attaining the Immortal condition -- from many life times and thousands of years -- who becomes your Teacher who guides you to make the shift of your assemblage point, from who you are in 3d, to the Immortal Double -- becoming immortal that way -- which if I understand correctly makes you independent of any group and you live in your own world, which you create just as you did your Double -- which may or may not include others of your choosing. Is this type of death defier included in one of the four above, or would this be a different category all together?

"To those who would say that love is a dependency, I would say instead that it is the ultimate freedom, for within the creative force of love lies The Reason, which is the catalyst of all change and evolution." Mikal Nyght

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Re: The Different Types Of Death Defiers
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2018, 01:37:13 pm »
Yes, there are many more types of death defiers besides the ones that I've talked about here, but they all seem to be generally associated with one of the elements, either earth, air, fire or water. I only describe the kinds of death defiers that I have personally encountered in dreaming, I don't have any theories on other possible methods beyond the ones I have seen. Unless I can find a living example of whatever kind of death defier someone is talking about in dreaming, that option does not exist as something real to me. My experience has been that everything that is real in sorcery is part of some kind of lineage, there is no such thing as an individual, one of a kind sorcery.