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There's a method called Trong Jug...  It's a yoga practice to enter someone's body.

While trong-jug can be used to animate corpses, travel as an animal, and other trivial things, its primary use is giving practitioners virtual immortality. Trong-jug is the authentic living root of all vampire lore. Because the procedure is real, and lineage holders are active today, its implementation is always veiled under a thick coat of secrecy. Trong-jug is used this way:

Having identified a healthy young victim, the adept transfers his/her Consciousness Principal (CP) to that vicinity. Using erotic projections to loosen the target's own CP, the adept "hooks" it through a lower orifice and removes it, causing (brief) clinical death. The practitioner's CP then enters the victim's body through its crown chakra and stabilizes at the heart chakra. The adept's original body is now dead, but his/her mind functions through its newly stolen body.

Trong-jug is usually done when the lineage holder has grown old or diseased. In this way, (s)he can pass from an aged weak body to a young strong one in a (theoretically) never-ending series. Adepts in the West usually place all their assets in a trust fund that can be quickly transferred to the victim, thus insuring the continuity of their material gains once their new identity has been assumed. Targets (or I should say the bodies of targets) often alienate or lose friends and relatives because of their radically different personality.

Lineage holders also like to emphasize the difficulty of the technique, but in fact it is fairly easy for those who have a good foundation in tantric yoga, especially phowa. However, initiation and instruction from an authentic lineage holder is best and makes the technique readily available when it is required.

-  Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia ( )

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Re: Trongjug
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Miriam, the technique you describe for moving one's CP into the young body ....could not this same technique be used to move your CP permanently into the Double?

How would one begin to obtain a good foundation in tantric yoga, or phowa? Are there any books or specific teachers you would recommend?

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Re: Trongjug
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With this technic, before the time of death you are able to successfully "possess" another human body.. And by doing this to "buy" more time in the physical realm.. Not sure if the same applies for the transfer to the double..

I believe only a true master of the mentioned lineage would be able to teach this powerful technic.. Where to find one? I have no idea.. I am searching to find more info but it seems all kept in secret..
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