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Sea Daughter:
Have any of you had any experience communicating with your Double?

I'm very new to working with my Double, but I have been communicating with mine with a Ouija board, with amazing results.

I asked my Double if I died right now, would we have a chance of attaining the immortal condition and he said, "No. You need dream training."

Also, one day I was reading in Darker Teachings Of The Immortals, and I came to a page where the author was talking about the one most important question that you have to find the answer to in order to become immortal. I looked away from my kindle for a few moments pondering what that question could be. Then looked down and discovered that my kindle had changed pages -- to somewhere way back in the book, to a page with the headline, "Who are you?" -- which was the answer to my question. It was impossible that I had done this myself as I was just standing there not moving. I would have had to flip back through all of those pages, one of two ways that I know I didn't do.

As I practice communication with my Double ...which I prefer to call my "Other" since I don't see my Double as a copy of me, but opposite sex -- who I "created" him to be -- but as I practice communication, I'm finding that I'm developing a more telepathic connection with him.

Anyone else have any experience or advice to share re communication with your Double?

This is a simple affair but not easy. My first experiences with the double I experienced on psychedelics. Then i was granted it whilst sober. Since I have had over a long period of time many experiences in this world and in dreaming. I say it is simple because if humans have a goal and commits to it they attain that goal. I say not easy, because you need silence, discipline, patience, focus and unbending intent, to name a few qualities. Also you need correct information and technique.
Tantra tells us that the prime quality for attaining siddhis (powers) is purity. Many preliminary techniques of tantra and yoga are for bringing the body to purity.
However you attain trance, this is the state you desire to access these higher talents of the body. Do Sorcery Passes or Tantric Yoga or another practice that appeals to bring you to peak health and vitality. Do Pranayama or energy practices to slow down the thoughts, elevate the mind and make the body more sturdy. Give yourself to silence practice.
Be pragmatic, feel and think your way through and take care. This undertaking is not for the faint hearted or the self-involved.

First of all know that your Double, can be called the Other, that is fine, but understand that even as a separate sex from you, it is still a duplicate of you. Physically you are one gender, but egoically, psychologically, in your soul, you are not just one gender. 

Next everything you do in your existence, helps the Double evolve. If you are narrow minded, lack depth, if you are limited in the experiences you are willing to have, then your double wont grow to its full potential, and your double will not be of much use to you. You have to venture forth into the world, and experience everything from as many angles as possible, as deeply as possible. Embrace life with Love and a thirst for adventurous learning.

Most important of all experiences for both you and your double, is to come to see all of these experiences wholistically, integrally i.e. non-dualistically. Della does mention that the double is the Higher self... I think this goes into confusing the soul and the double.. but suffice to say the only way to experience the Higher self is to transcend dualism in your experience! Which all of Della's techniques are designed to help us achieve anyway. 

Now I have to ask, when you communicate with your double via a Ouija board how do you know it is your double?

Also, and this is perhaps the most important question: Why is the double an appealing concept for you? What does the Double mean to you?

Sea Daughter:
Anamika, sorry I meant to answer this sooner....

How do I know it is my Double on the Ouija board? I first request to speak with my Double, then ASK -- "is this my Double who is speaking to me on this Ouija baord?" ...Surprisingly, if it is not my Double, the spirit or whatever it is always tells the truth and says "No."

Then I ask it to leave and let me speak to my Double. Sometimes this works and sometimes I have to clear the area and put up protection.

But most importantly, I can feel when it's my Double, and I KNOW his 'voice' --  and I can feel his presence when we are communicating on the Ouija board.

One time I got an answer I KNEW was not my Double and I asked, "Who is this?" and got "Lucifer". I was more amused than frightened and asked him what he wanted, and he said, "To teach you." I said, no thanks, now please hand the receiver back to my Double. haha

Why is the Double an appealing concept to me and what does he mean to me?....

Mikal Nyght, in his book, Darker Teachings of the Immortals describes it in much better words than I could. And's kind of a private subject for me.

I will say that my Other is my Teacher whose goal is teach me how to make that "crossing" over into the Immortal state.

No need to tell me the answer to the question I asked. Just know that the reason I asked is that when a Warrior takes action of some sort, it helps us to have clarity of intent. So I suggest making sure you know the answer to the question.

And to your question yes I have contact with my Double. This is a very personal experience though, and don't expect yours to be the same as mine.

I use a variety of methods, water scrying, black scrying mirror, trance, dreaming, automatic writing, and sometimes she just comes to me.

She/he is androgynous, though it changes form from time to time, and sometimes I don't see my Double, I just feel its presence. I know there is a close connection between my Double and my Higher self, as I know what the energy of the higher self feels like, and there is a similarity, combined with the feeling of astral energy. The feeling I get from her also reminds me of being deep in a very calming place in the woods. Sometimes in dreams she even appears part plant.

My Double first came to me as young child, then often just as a presence. One time in dream the presence pushed me off a ledge. Instead of falling I flew straight into space, and she road on my back. I was awoken from this dream by the sound of her voice in my ear saying it was time to get up, and the feeling of someone touching the middle of my forehead near the third eye. It felt totally physical that forehead touch.

Apparently, I recently learned, that she has been teaching me from a very early age, and that there is much that I don't remember from those lessons. That part of my task is to recover the memories, which I have begun to do.


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