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ENcountering the Double-THe Immortal Other in the Flesh

This is definitely a story worthy of sharing on here...Its the experience I have had of encountering a human being that became a muse that was tantalizing me into infinity. SO here goes...

It was in my early days of sorcery. It would prove to be the first night that the magic within created apparent effects on the world outside of me. I was at an outdoor music festival. It was night time. I was wandering around the dancefloor when a woman walking by grabbed my attention so fast and hard it was like a nuclear bomb went off inside of me. She had walked RIGHT past me...Never before had the act of glancing at someone sparked such an intense reaction within. First off, she was beautiful. I mean GORGEOUS. But that wasn't it... She looked to be at a prime age...the peak of magnificence. When i saw her it stirred something deep...I got an incredible Deja Vu that made me think of her as the one girl i had a crush on in high school...The one girl that I always wanted but could never get ... The one girl who I dreamt of since childhood...The one girl...THE ONE.

Ring a bell?

This all happened within a few moments and her eyes were locked straight ahead, weaving through the crowd, walking with such utter confidence that it was unreal. A pretty blonde trailed behind her. She had such a spell over me that I thought how i would have handed her my wallet if she had simply suggested it. I would have signed my will over to her had I the opportunity.
After she walked past I immediately assumed that she was a magical women. I could only expect that she was actually an old lady, with the power to have the appearance of a young one. And the ability to be so magnetic that she could get what she wanted from any man.

I later saw her, standing on the dance floor, talking to her friend. From a safe distance I observed...waiting. Colored lights from the stage set the scene when suddenly i witnessed the shadows on her face come alive and go crawling across her skin. Shadows moving in such a way that were impossible...unable to be from anything else... shadows that ONLY moved on HER face... and nowhere else...

 Later again, I saw her, browsing for clothing, the seemingly sinister blonde still at her side. I walked past the booth, perhaps 30 feet away, along a pathway streaming with people. I continue walking with my head turned, staring at her in disbelief. Who was she...WHAT was she???
she pulled a dress off the rack and had it held out for inspection when she suddenly snapped her head to look up...directly at me. Like she could sense the awareness that was beholding her.  I saw a little flash of blue light next to her face when it happened. My senses showing me the power of HER awareness...that she recognized mine and yet hers was so much greater... greater than any human being that I had ever witnessed, I thought.

I saw her once again that night... late at night... this time we were walking towards eachother and then right past eachother... SHe did not look at me. The look on her face was of pure, sweet innocence with a level of cunning , underneath. I turn around to watch her leave and after 100 feet she was walking on a dark , deserted path with closed EZup booths on either side of her. In an instant she turned 90degrees and hopped inbetween two of the booths, randomly. WIth no explaination of what she was up to, she was gone.

I will add that later that night, I was drifting to sleep in my car when suddenly I was jolted awake by a memory... a memory that I had forgotten, no ... blocked out because it was so radical. I remembered that when I had first seen her walk past me, her eyes had been all black. Yup, all black, no whites at all. I wrestled with the idea of it. I also recalled the memory of seeing her eyes as normal...Magnificient and brilliant but normal looking. I was sure I would not have forgotten if her eyes were black, but there it was. Both memories, contradicting, both seemingly so convincing. Why would I have suddenly thought that her eyes were black? I doubted it but I also would not have made it up. It just came to me, in a daze, falling asleep, in the dark.

Now, This was the only time I encountered the woman but not the last time I saw her...and heres how it went.

2 months later I was at another, bigger music festival. I was working in a food booth handing out fried chicken. I was still relatively young on my path but it was right around the time when things got pretty serious. This was a hallmark event. The best way to describe my experience in the food booth was that the fire from within started burning. HARD. And it was the last time my thinking mind cried out "What the hell is WRONG with me??" I had taken no drugs. The feeling I had unparamount. I was amazed that ones nervous system could take that kind of pressure-load for such an extended period. My mind was racing for hours trying to think of one single reason why this should be happening to me. Until eventually...silence. I accepted my fate as simply a dance with the infinite. There was no logical conclusion about it.

As the sun started setting with me in the food booth, I was eyeing the crowd as we wait for customers. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I thought that I saw the woman...HER. walking through the crowd. My eyes snap over at her face and i see... "oh... its just a girl who looks like her"...Dissapointment. Now my mind is reflecting back on the encounter...
Before too long I feel that hopeful jolt of thinking that I'd seen her but once again. It proves to be another brunette that also appears simliar. The phenomena gradually intensifies over the course of a few hours until im actually seeing the womans face/head on every female body thats criss crossing in front of my view. Im looking into a sea of people. Large crowd. Ill see 10 versions of her all wearing different clothes but with the same face and head. However, any face that i look directly at appears as the actual person thats before me. but in peripheral im seeing multiple copies of the woman roaming around. When i got off work I walk through the venue with some friends back to my camp (Coachella Music Festival). By the end of my walk, Every single human being before me looks as if they have the head of The Woman...Even the guys now-and for a while i could even look directly at the persons head and SHE would still be there...

It was insane.

I returned to my camp and gathered my things to venture back into the venue and party for the rest of the night. WHen i returned to the venue the phenomena had subsided...but for the remainder of the night it played out in a different form. I would see people appear to transform into her partially and the body language or facial expressions of the individuals at that time were messages for me...Lessons. Teachings. Knowledge. She was communicatiing with me from across time...speaking to my soul. The teachings were intuitively felt and understood. She was modeling how I should behave. She was instructing me to realize certain inhibitions I had keeping me from being more free, from what I remember. This went on for the rest of the night until my state of awareness peaked for the night on the dancefloor and I saw her, full bodied, in the flesh, standing on stage, wearing the same clothes and she had been once we met. It was a phantom.

After that day I would occasionally see her, within other people, as in the manner described above, and she would teach me things. And that was my story of encountering my Immortal Other in the flesh


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