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Sea Daughter:
"The double's double "DD" is where the real action is at as near as I can figure. The double is just the beginning of something good. Della Van Hise, myself, and a few others were discussing this very topic the other day. Della offered this comment: "I think what you are referring to as "the double's double" is what Orlando has called "the next evolution" - in other words, even when we inhabit the totality of ourselves (step into the double), that isn't where our evolution stops. It's where it begins again." End quote. There is another "self" highly evolved beyond that challenges discussion even circles such as this. As I suggested before on this topic we seek the double because the double seeks us. And on the other side of infinity, past the eagle, past death, past infinity, there are the DD, doing the same calling. I've been getting glimpses of this being of my "fully evolved" state passed the double (which I'm not sure if that is the proper way of saying) which resembles my double yet is dramatically more energetic and profound. I am struggling here to fully define the seeing and words simply are inadequate. I want to say golden but I know too that is short of complete. I've gotten the distinct impression that somehow our evolvement here through all these things we discuss is tied to the double's double "DD" purpose or completeness (interesting to note DD is also the abbreviation for Death Defiers, maybe it's one in the same?) It is almost as if the DD is indirectly prompting us with the intention of completing the whole of the self. We're blazing trail now! Cheers!" ~Thor Blevins


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