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The One Command Hardcover by Asara Lovejoy
« on: August 12, 2018, 10:27:47 am »
A healer/seer once told me that whatever you want to manifest, if you ground your intent to both the Earth and the Sun, then what you desire must manifest ....though perhaps not exactly as you wish it, but if not then usually better. I gave it a try and was much surprised to find that it did indeed work -- better than I had imagined. At that point I backed off and didn't use the technique for years, but the thought of it kept coming back and teasing me to try again Double? Anyway, last year, the memory kept bugging me and bugging me, and then I happened to find this book called The One Command - syncrhonicity? - which teaches this exact same technique with slightly different wording -- which I have since tried and found that it works just as it did before ....and especially helpful to one more new on the Death Defiers' path. Maybe too new agey for some, and I am not one to go for that kind of stuff, but I think this particular book contains real and valuable information....
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