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Draja Michaharic
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Draja Michaharic is a Bosnian-born, (father was Austrian) American author, occultist and authority on hoodoo.

He wrote many books ( Spiritual Cleansing: Handbook of Psychic Protection (1985), Century of Spells (1985), Practice of Magic: An Introductory Guide to the Art (1995), Magic Simplified (2002), Mental Influence (2002), Magical Techniques (2002), More Magical Techniques (2003), A Spiritual Worker's Spell Book (2003), Magical Uses for Magnets (2004), Magical Practice: Applying Magical Training To Your Daily Life (2004),...etc..)

One of the many books he wrote called "Immortality".. In this book writes about some supposed immortals he knew over the last sixty years working as a consultant in the field of the occult arts. He adds his comments on these methods, and writes also other methods that he have heard of for extending human life. There is also some information concerning medical research in the area of life extension...

What mostly triggered my interest is that after a very extended research on him i still can't find a single photo, a single detail about his personal life - even if many know and speak very highly of him.. - Is like he never existed.. Few things only.. like that he was publicly active till he was 90 years old and lived in New York City until 2002. After he moved to Philadelphia to stay with a former "chosen" student... Michaharic is now 106 years old...Born 10 April 1912..

You can look a bit inside the book here:

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