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Start Here/About This Forum & Forum Rules
« on: May 08, 2018, 11:04:32 pm »
The Death Defier's forum is for those studying/following the path of the Death Defier and the teachings of Carlos Castaneda, Taisha Abelar, Mikal Nyght, John Kreiter, Della Van Hise, and others.  By "death defier", we simply mean one who seeks to defy death, not focusing solely on Toltec teachings.

Here we will discuss Immortality, death defiance, and related topics such as Astral Projection, The Double, Lucid Dreaming, The Path with Heart, Vampires and more which are topic specific to the idea of defying death.

The rules...

Besides for the obvious -- no threatening others, posting nudity, role playing, spamming, and selling/advertising -- most important to know is that attempting to silence or censor others via bullying, verbal abuse, or unasked-for criticism will not be tolerated.

If you don't agree with or like something someone else said, do not reply with, "Your self-importance, ego or whatever is blah blah blah. You this and you that." Instead say, "I disagree with what you are saying because..." or "When I listen to what you are saying, I feel ......" or "Is it possible you are coming from fear or self-importance?". Ask questions. Don't make assumptions and stay on topic. Do not derail the discussion with psychoanalysis or diagnosing other members. Focus on the message, not the messenger.

Always use the English language.

Lastly, this is not a set-in-stone rule, but I would like to kindly ask members to communicate in simple language that can be understood by everyone. Cryptic language has its place, but I would prefer if you don't use it here.

We would like this forum to be a place where everyone interested can discuss and learn about the techniques, practices and ways of the Death Defier. There are many different authors and teachers with their own piece of the puzzle, perspective and cryptic writing styles, and perhaps we can help each other gain a clearer understanding by sharing our knowledge, experiences, stories, tips and advice.

Welcome to The Death Defier's Forum.

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