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Missing The Mystery
« on: August 24, 2018, 02:44:44 pm »
I remember as a child, I would wake each morning with a sense of expectation for something wonderful to happen -- and apparently others have felt the same way too, because I have since, and often heard them say so. The world was a mystery. I read Richard Bach's Illusions and Jonathan Livingston Seagull .....Stranger In A Strange Land by Heinlein. From the beginning I was drawn to a more magical way of thinking. But then as the years passed and after I had graduated from school and then found myself out in the world, worried about money and struggling to survive, one day I realized that the feeling and the mystery were all gone.

When I read in one of Carlos Castaneda's books where Don Juan told Carlos that the world is a mysterious and magical place, I remember at the time thinking how lucky they were to have that perception, and how much I would give to have it back ....but how? ...since science had stripped, measured, dissected and sterilized and made our world into a hopeless and mundane hell, I wondered -- in an abstract way since I didn't have the words to even describe why I no longer believed in magic.

Though over time, as I became re-enchanted by all things metaphysical -- after my father gave me that first Carlos Castaneda book which led to more and others -- and as I practiced following more and more my path with a heart, I came to realize that there was perhaps a little mystery to be explored, after all. I realized that the people I had read about, who had documented their astral travels and/or who wrote of their psychic gifts and abilities, were probably not just making stuff up.  I remembered childhood experiences and had new ones which confirmed that the world might not be what I had come to think it was.

Still, core beliefs -- and the beliefs of others -- are a powerful thing and I once again found myself at a dead end in a land cursed without magic. Which, looking back I would say was no accident, but had been orchestrated carefully by black magicians seeking to round up those on their way to freedom -- of which I was one of many who fell for "The Secret", only to discover that of course it didn't work (how could it with so much left out?) after putting so much energy, belief and faith in it certainly did its job as we were left feeling more hopeless than ever! ...and resigned to our drudgerous fate.

Then one day I stumbled upon Mikal Nyght's "Darker Teachings of the Immortals" and John Kreiter's books -- as you will hear me say over and over again because I love them so much I can't shut up about it -- which gave me just what I needed to inspire me to get me back on my path. Ever notice how, when you have all but given up, something comes along to help the "Luck Dragon" from The Neverending Story?

And just the other day I was reading one of John's books where he was explaining that you can apply a system of logic to any belief system and create a set of incontrovertible facts within that framework ...why all the scientific studies and "facts" in the world can't really tell us who we are and what the world  is ...and we really don't have any idea what the world is ...or at least most of us don't. Whatever it really is, the world we think of as real undeniably springs from a fear-based belief system-- which came either from an assumption that we came up with all by ourselves or from a lie told to us -- a foreign installation, some say. Whichever, this belief structure has created a fantasy world ....or a nightmare might be more accurate. But Kreiter explained how you could basically enter into any fantasy or nightmare and use logic or scientific studies to determine what is true or false there -- which ends up cementing the fantasy world ...making it more and more dense and solid and impossible to disbelieve until you find yourself trapped inside it...

...As we think we are in this place where it's a set in stone, cold and hard fact that everything dies and "this is just what happens when you get old." No one gets out alive, they say.  If there was ever a black magic spell cast upon us, this was the Monster Doozer of them all.

Both Nyght and Kreiter -- and others -- stress the importance of looking at these beliefs and going deep ...asking yourself what is the "why?" behind what you believe, until you find the assumption at the core ...and there is always an assumption.

Now I see I have arrived at a place where "the matrix" has lost its hold on me and the magic and mystery seem here to stay....or at least until, for one reason or another I end up thinking I have it all figured out again -- the warrior's 2nd enemy -- clarity. At that point, I hope I will realize that something is sadly wrong!

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