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Sex Dreaming
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Here are some excerpts from the book, "Sex Dreaming: Esoteric Sexuality Revealed. (In the Toltec tradition of don Juan Matus & Carlos Castaneda) -- does not run contrary to the Toltec practice of celibacy in order to conserve energy, but perhaps explains more in depth. I'm not sure that I agree with everything I have read in this book -- or I should say I speed read it (I will have to go back and re-read it thoroughly), but from what I quickly gathered, scanning from cover to cover, last night, is that this book is LOADED with practical and helpful information for those seeking to defy death. Take the gems and toss the rest. I found these quotes which SO agree with everything I have learned, and KNOW to be true....

"Religions throughout time avoided giving their volunteers any practical information on how to prepare and use their Energy Double; or on how to face the coldness of infinity. Instead they promoted fairy tales that focused on nurturing self-importance through abstinence or expensive fashion; or they focused on the duality of right and wrong, with a reward at the end for being a good person. This reward was to hang out with other indulgers in another maximum-security prison of their own design they call Heaven or Nirvana. If you read your sutras and religious texts with care, you will find yourself in the land of elaborate confusion. Whether the priests or rabbis themselves were rewriting constantly over the years and got lost in their own words or chants; or that in sorting out the fight between good and evil, they had to use silly metaphors to assist the common person. Maybe their whole system is just to gather hungry volunteers to support their institutions. In either case, it is a mystery to our practical experience."

"If you notice, the religions of the world first take away sex," said Nuit. "They promote celibacy for their monks, and control their followers' sexuality through guilt and fear, rules and dogma. To replace sex, they give their followers self-importance."

"Sexual energy is the reason we search in adolescence for sexual satisfaction. It is the original desire for the continuity of any species. It is the power that makes us love life, and the reason we are motivated to sing, dance, and embrace the heart of the universe."

"Sexual energy is the main propellant that moves people to act. It is the essential component for all of us here on earth. It is the underlying heartbeat that drives us all while we are alive. We begin with the explosion of sexual union, and that explosion last until the moment of our death. The power of sexual energy is the engine that drives great creativity. Every artist in the history of art speaks of the muse, the person who inspires the desire to create. The Gate of Power is the intention of sex. It is not the fulfillment of penetration, but the desire for penetration."
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