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The Cords and Assemblage Point
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The Cords
Now first I am a new Style sorcerer so this is coming from that vantage point, if this differs from the Old Sorcery perception I'd like to hear that..... we can only speak from our own position.
There are 2 basic types of cords, ….sort of.
First there is what I call ,”the Cords of God”...a misnomer because it is actually just one continuous cord.
 This is Golden and otherwise known as, “the Web”.
This maintains our position within the Web.
Then there are what I call, ”the cords of Man”.
These are the ones emanating from our bellies,
The ones Don Juan talks about....
these maintain us within our description.
They hold us within our relationship with the world.
Everything that exists in the perceived world has a Pattern.
This pattern basically begins with a seed....that grows as it is fed with mental and astral energy.
The cords of Man are literally bundles of our perception.
You could say that each cord maintains a different description in our “Knowing”.
Every time we perceive something we are connecting ourselves with that which we are perceiving, via a cord.
Each cord has a unique resonance....Colour....
When we are Psychically “attacked” it is via these cords.
Get ready for it:
“Seeing” is the art of traveling down a cord,
and a consummate seer goes all the way  to it's seed.

You could say that one end of the cord....where it comes into the definition,
the other end...... is the seed.    When we are seeing our awareness travels through the cord.
Anywhere that is not right there at the end point....... is a level of “seeing”.....
The key to the most successful “seeing” is to travel all the way to the end of the cord.....not just go popping up here and there along the way, as this will be a different vantage point...and closer to the truth...... but still just a point in the pattern.
The “seed” is what a seer seeks.
This “seed” is the “intention behind the pattern”....that which motivated the ….evolution of that which has the end result of our definition of that thing.
Everything we put our perception upon....has a cord between us, and it.
Our perception generally congeals at the end point of the cord....where it enters us....”the assemblage point”?.
Moving our assemblage point allows perception at different depths or levels along the cords.
This can be a trip.....and give us some insights..... but it's just basically an alternate perception.....
maybe a little closer to what we might call the Truth of a thing.... but simply moving the assemblage point isn't guaranteeing us a greater awareness....just a different one.
Like I say, at the beginning of the cords are the seeds.  These exist in a place I call the archetype plane.
This probably has some official name, but I'm talking from experience here...not book learning, so have to make my own language.
You could say that the archetype plane holds the seeds to the roots of our Descriptions, personal and planetary.
If you really want to understand things within the world of perception.....this is where you will venture for the answers..
“Seeing” is your ticket there....with the key being....”Go all the Way”.
The problem with what we gain there....... which is so freakin simple....I mean, we're talking archetypes....  and the interaction of archetypes (depending upon where we are casting our “seeing”. ) The problem is, in order for us to describe it.... (DESCRIBE)....we once again bind it to a cord.... and bring it back to the assemblage point.
 And it just becomes another item of our description.
A very common problem among sorcerers is..that I've seen in forums such as this is.....they move their assemblage point to another position....then Fixate there..... This isn't freedom...just a different perception that sadly often sets them up as being, “a bit touched in the head”......and doesn't Free them from anything but their old position....But now they are in a new one.   I see this a lot with “sorcerers”.....some of the most aware....are also slightly Insane..... what else would they be to the masses that have pretty much a generally shared assemblage point position.   We have our personal description but it almost always syncs with what you could call the group assemblage point go shifting from there.....and staying shifted.... you are going to be the one your relatives might feel sorry for and want to put in a nice safe Looney Bin.
As I said, the cords are mental and astral in Nature..... and when we learn to “see”, we are learning to travel down the cord, instead of just being at the assemblage point...we travel down it....literally going through it's process of creation....backwards.  This is how you gain wisdom of a thing, not simply knowledge....
Wisdom is gained at the seed ,
Knowledge is simply a description maintained by the position of the assemblage point By adding collected factoid to collected factoid... Wisdom is gained through removing all the factoids and uncovering the Silent Truth.
People take their “knowledge” far too seriously....become trapped in the they know it....which has really little resemblance to Wisdom.
Knowledge is Noisy
Wisdom is Silent.
Moving the assemblage point has the purpose of showing the sorcerer that there are different Views, different areas of perception.  Problems arise when a sorcerer permanently shifts their assemblage point and accepts that new Reality. Very common problem. 

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