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The Connection Between Knowledge and Freedom
« on: July 04, 2018, 09:53:52 am »
What follows is a conversation we had in our Death Defiers' Forum Facebook group....

Peter: "Did you noticed that knowledge and freedom are closely connected ? My path was the one of knowledge, yet in order to gain knowledge, one must change himself in certain ways... in ways that makes you more free. So it made me curious about your opinions. Your thoughts ?

Rockin Blue: "Freedom itself is not clearly defined in its entirety. Probably the most difficult task
known to sorcerers and men alike. Oppression of all kinds can prevent one from fully grasping the concept of freedom.
Psychological mind control tactics used by sociopaths,
Psychopaths, bullies, manipulative control freaks. The world is full of these kind of people. Developing a strategy to defeat tyrannical personalities would be a great start. Easier said than done. There’s always a bigger nastier more threatening one waiting in line to try and control.
CC story using the five attributes of a warrior is a great example. The petty tyrant is a control freak. So freedom of that kind of problem is a stepping stone. It takes a lot preparation to gain that first foothold.
To ride a high horse and not be thrown off will give one a good view of the endless adversaries."

Peter: "Can you please tell me what do you mean by ,,five attributes of a warrior" ? I didnt read enough from CC, my path ( / focus) is not only on nagualism, therefore sometimes i get lost.

And in my opinion.. psychopaths are much more free than the others. The problem is lacking empathy, seeing people just as items, tools... sometimes i see Naguals as psychopaths who dont lack empathy :D are free, are not bound by society rules etc.. as i see it, psychopath is free yet egoistic (therefore not too much free) but nagual is free without being egoistic, therefore instead of hurting others, he/she is helping others."

Rockin Blue: "Peter, the Fire Within explains the five attributes of a warrior and the outside interference by the four kinds of “petty tyrants. It’s not about helping people but more about helping yourself."

Peter:  "That was kind of offtopic.. about the idea that psychopaths holds certain kind of freedom, but their lack of empathy (big self importance too) is other side of them, that makes them not-free.

Thank you, will look for that in the book."

Me:  "Well said, Rockin Blue -- (about freedom). One of the keys for me was in realizing that I didn't have to choose the lesser of two evils -- that it's an illusion. I realized that I didn't have to accept the unacceptable or make sacrifices that I didn't want to. I saw that I could follow my heart and that the way was always there if I looked for it."

Peter:  "In my opinion it is very important, and not only of lesser evils. That you ,,dont have choose the more ideal of two paths. You can create third path , that is totally ideal for you" and i follow that belief. Thats why i am alot interested in nagualism... yet not fully."

Me:  "Petr, what you just said, is exactly what I meant ...yes! -- the third path -- is always there if we look for it. It's like it's some kind of law that it must be there.

It's why I believe there's another way to defy death other than becoming enslaved to an IOB or being obliterated and recycled back into slavery the same IOB's 😂😂"

Peter:  "I was (since being child) too rebel to follow anything than my self. Therefore discovered it early, and i learned from many paths (shamanism, ateism, theism, deism, nagualism) yet used these things just as tools for my own path, never copied path of someone else. Therefore i cant understand people who try to do (with a unnatural force) everything that is written about the path, that in the end is not even ideal for them :D

 Of courrse there is... and even if there is not --- we can create it !"

Me:  " YES!!!"

Peter: "Actually.. i might be mistaken... but i seen one path... but it is more complicated. It is like nagualism and old seers... it was needed for nagualism to be born, yet wasnt path of freedom, was path of power (old seers). Same is this way... there is certain kind of DD, that defied death yet more or less lack freedom. And i feel their need for transformation... to keep DD status, yet gain freedom too.

I think it is important to realize how much Old Seers were necesary for nagualism to be born as teaching/path... then you can realize that some of the dark things are like mother to a light child... some dark paths are transforming into something truly beatiful... and i see/feel that with some death defiers

Does that reminds you of something ? I am curious if anyone sees/feels it the same as... as if there is a path that is already forming itself - but it needs works to be done.. same as there was needed work to be done on the tradition of old seers, in order to create path of new seers."

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