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What Is Aging?
« on: August 29, 2018, 12:34:16 pm »
I've heard John Kreiter and others say that "aging" is a loss of energy over time ...and if you notice, sometimes aging happens quickly when someone loses lots of energy via a traumatic experience or illness.

One thing I've noticed that stood out to me so strongly that I couldn't ignore it ...and I saw this BEFORE I had heard the idea about aging being energy that you can SEE when people are aging, that they will appear to sort of "short out" day they will look like their usual youthful or somewhat youthful self, and the next they will look visibly older ....tired. Then they will seem to recover, like a light bulb that is shorting out, and get temporarily brighter -- back to looking like the previous younger version ...and then it happens again. It may happen repeatedly over a period of time ...maybe lasting a couple of years, and then the change becomes permanent and they never revert back. But toward the end, you will notice that the periods when they have recovered their energy, become shorter and shorter in duration. Then they will continue on in this new "older" condition for awhile until they start showing another step down in energy...

...So I think that if "aging" were simply a gradual process as it is described -- the body wearing out -- you would not see this back and forth movement!!

What I take from this is the importance of impeccability especially and also looking at where we are losing energy in other ways such as with poison diets -- it takes a lot of energy to process poison!! -- daily stress and unhealed emotional wounding which causes stress and energy loss in the now. Most important would be to learn techniques for acquiring and maintaining/building energy levels.

Is it possible, do you think to gather enough energy to reverse the effects of "aging"?

Of course this would not make one immortal if they had not built and strengthened their Double, and/or were to have some kind of fatal accident, but from what I gather, it takes a lot of energy to make this "crossing" or shift, so......
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