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What Is The Gap?
« on: August 07, 2018, 02:50:29 pm »
Conversation taken from our Facebook group by the same name...

Lorraine said, "Reading Castandeda and listening to Mark Cloudfoot, I gathered that the idea is to either tighten, close or eliminate all together the gap. But now I see others suggesting otherwise ...that we want to keep it open ...or learn to open and close it at will, and am confused. What exactly is the gap? I'm somewhat new to this and assumed it was the space between us and our Double and the other realms. I don't understand references to it being somewhere on our bodies -- like the abdomen, or elsewhere. Can anyone give a non-cryptic answer to help clarify this for me? Also ...some have said the Double isn't an Inorganic Being ...well, it's certainly not organic, so what would it be then?"

John Kreiter: "The gap is a small opening in the energetic conglomeration of a human. It is the part where the will comes out. Another way to say this is to say that this is how we manipulate in the world, this is how we do things. If you read or have read my book "Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy" then in that book what constitutes the gap is called the OUT Polarity.

The Double, as far as what I think you are talking about, as in Dreaming a la Carlos Castaneda is indeed inorganic in that it is a living energetic essence that is not bound, or more accurately, does not necessarily need to be bound to the organic. Again sorry but if you wish to know what this is the "Out of Body Experiences Quickly and Easily" book will answer what this being is. I can simply say that it is a thought form essence that develops throughout the life of a person. Most peoples doubles are weak and after death they seldom last very long, they dissipate in the same way that an unused thought form dissipates after it is no longer being fed by the attention of the creator(s)."

Della Van Hise: "The double is essentially an inorganic reflection & projection of the self - not limited by organic concerns, it is free to move about space and time without boundaries. For that reason, what many people think of as "past lives" are really movements & machinations of the double outside of linear time. The double is the energetic vessel capable of housing our awareness beyond our mortal existence. The double is also the ultimate teacher, guide and mentor - though it may be as much trickster as teacher... which is exactly what the human/mortal self needs in order to get over his/her own self-importance."

The double will only be understood when you experience it directly. Prior to that, it's all just rather pointless speculation. What if the double is this? What if the double is that? I know what I know about the double from personal experience, BUT that might not apply to anyone other than myself."

I said, "I think people simply resist acknowledging that the Double is definitely inorganic because they think it puts it in cahoots with THE "inorganic beings". LOL

Della Van Hise: "You're probably right. Everybody is entitled to their opinion... but until someone has actually EXPERIENCED it directly... it is nothing BUT an opinion. 🤣 I see a lot of seekers get sidetracked by all sorts of woo-woo based on someone else's opinion, and after awhile, I get to the point of just throwing my hands up in the air and saying... "Have a swell time on your side trip. Hope you get back in time to get real." 😉

I said, "The difficult thing for me to wrap my mind around is the view that the Double is a vessel which you take for a ride when you astral project around the universe, but is also the teacher, guide ...nagual. I need to separate them in my mind -- as TWO different Doubles -- or else I'm stuck with the equivalent of thinking of the Double as a talking car 😂😂😂. But seriously ...I have my Dreaming Body which I formed as being identical to my own - except better haha - and I have my Double the nagual ...but it is the same for me as for many others -- my Double is of the opposite sex.

Della Van Hise: "The double is ALL those things. No need to separate them. That's just part of our programming. Our awareness is ALREADY connected to the double, and vice versa, through gnosis. Trying to separate them is only dualism working its way into the equation."

Ann: "The Double is your Soul. Higher Self is the description while living in a Body. You can close the gap by living your higher Self. The gap arises when someone lives a Lifestyle that is anti-higher-self with no real consciousness, knowledge, intelligence, lack of doing, lack of meditation, contemplation. Learning and gathering knowledge can close the gap, doing sports, yoga and living the path of heart also closes the gap. Intelligence can be gathered by moving with your unbending intent of your chosen heart path. Lujan Matus is a good teacher for heart based reconnections. Living in nature also closes a huge part of the gap."

Peter: "Can someone help me by explaining what this GAP is ?"

Leigh: "The gap is where you unleash your will from. When your will is active, it is open, but needs to be kept "tight". When it is inactive, it should close.

Rockin Blue: "I once had a dream that a yellowish triangular “plug” of sorts came out of my belly button. This about 30 years ago. In the dream I removed it. But I have no idea what that’s supposed to be or mean."

I said, "Sounds like some stuck energy got unstuck?"

Peter, according to Castaneda, Juan Matus said that we die through the gap, and so the goal is to keep it tight and elastic. Dying through the gap translates to mean that the gap is the place where we lose energy over time -- loss of energy is what causes aging and finally death. Read John Kreiter's book, Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy -- he explains it all in very simple language.

Ann, I am no expert but from what I understand, through the gap, you can also take IN energy as well as put OUT energy. Most people living ordinary lives, by default output more energy than they take in, and this over time leads to their death. A warrior, or DD, on the other hand, learns to take IN all the energy he/she needs, retain it, and when he/she puts OUT energy, it is done with control and intent for a specific purpose -- what John Kreiter says is the real teaching of Alchemy -- keeping in balance what he calls the three polarities -- IN, OUT and VOID. Closing the gap, or eliminating it entirely, if I understand properly, would equate to putting 100% focus on the VOID polarity -- what is taught by the Eastern religions, and perhaps Mark Cloudfoot, Lujan Matus and others similar? I heard Mark say the other day that breathless equals deathless -- that he seeks to achieve a breathless state, where there is no breathing in or breathing out -- meaning no energy coming in or out. John Kreiter says that such Eastern type teachings/teachers consider the utilization of the IN and OUT polarity as being of the "left hand path". Personally .....I'm very much interested in exploring and learning to master all THREE Polarities.

John Kreiter: "Yes thank you. I am afraid that there is so much confusion in all of this because of language and how we all use that language to try and explain things that are beyond such language. For example, the notion of organic and inorganic, a notion which I am forced to use myself at times, is in a fundamental sense an inaccurate term because we are all inorganic, we are energy, we are not things.
So when we say that our physical body is organic and the double is inorganic, this is both true and false. It is true in the sense that to us, as we perceive and experience the world, we have used words to separate a dimensional/frequency state common to us using the term organic, and another as inorganic to denote a higher frequency state, but the words trap us. Or more accurately I suppose, these words help to delineate the perceptual trap that most of us live in, because most of us live a delusion; we think we are solid things, organs, organic. We are not.

Our eyes deceive us, all our senses deceive us. We are vibrating energy, we are inorganic things vibrating in one particular frequency; a frequency range that is imposed on us by titanic force I like to refer to as the Great Archon. We have hypnotized ourselves/have been hypnotized, into believing is the only possible thing for us, but we can be more. This is a lie of limited perception, this is an imposed lie.

What people call the physical body and the double are both inorganic entities. There are two inorganic beings here that are one because energetically there is no here or there. The first will peal open at what we call biological death and join the dark sea again; the bubble will burst. The other will continue for a while depending on the power of that person and even how much that person is worshipped by still living beings (people) in the “organic” plane, just like a thought form exists beyond its creator (it is more complicated than this when it comes to the dreaming double and again I would recommend my book ‘Out of Body Experiences Quickly and Easily’ for a more broad answer to this riddle, and even by books on servitor creation are of great help here).

I don’t mean to go on for so long, its just that there is so much to say on this. The main point here is that the many riddles and misconceptions on these subjects can be clarified when people realize that we are energy now. Our senses fool us into believing that we are one ‘thing’ or another, but we are not things and we are not bound by cause and effect in the way that some imagine."

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