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The Matrix / Past Civilizations
« Last post by Sea Daughter on October 04, 2018, 02:56:04 pm »
From "The Art Of Dreaming" by Carlos Castaneda....

"My understanding is that the old sorcerers existed perhaps as far back as ten thousand years ago," he said, smiling and watching my reaction.
Basing my response on current archaeological data on the migration of Asiatic nomadic tribes to the Americas, I said that I believed his date was incorrect. Ten thousand years was too far back.
"You have your knowledge and I have mine," he said. "My knowledge is that the old sorcerers ruled for four thousand years, from seven thousand to three thousand years ago. Three thousand years ago, they went to nothing. And from then on, sorcerers have been regrouping, restructuring what was left of the old ones."
"How can you be so sure of your dates?" I asked.
"How can you be so sure about yours?" he retorted.
I told him that archaeologists have foolproof methods to establish the date of past cultures. Again he retorted that sorcerers have foolproof methods of their own." ....

....Which he then goes on to describe. But the reason I have selected this quote is because it coincides with what Graham Hancock has been very convincingly teaching about the existence of a past civilization on this planet.

That Carlos was writing this before Hancock or any others, to my knowledge, came out with this theory, could be taken as evidence that Don Juan truly existed -- if we assume that there was no way for Carlos to have found it out on his own.
Favorite Books & Movies / Creating The Double -- book by Della Van Hise
« Last post by Sea Daughter on October 04, 2018, 02:35:40 pm »
Of all the books I have read, my opinion is that this one explains the Double the best. It's not cryptic and very easy to understand. Someone told me this explanation for the Double was over simplified ...perhaps it is, but it worked for me ....better than I could have imagined.

The Double / What Is The Double? by John Kreiter
« Last post by Sea Daughter on October 04, 2018, 02:23:56 pm »
"What is the double?

The double is you not bound by space and time. The double is the you that exists beyond the confines of the physical reality that you may feel is the only reality that exists now, here in this place.

But in this life you are the double and double is you; you are two, you are one, you are Janus.

You may find that double in your dreams, and when you find this double it is not some stranger that you will find; what you will actually find is YOU.

The double is not a Stargate because the double is by its very nature everywhere and nowhere. The double is not a vessel for the immortal self because you are now immortal.

There is no time as we mostly understand time, there is only an infinite now.

There is no space as we mostly understand space, there is only an infinity here.

Since this is the case, since this is so, whatever you are now you will be forever.

But how can you say this, are we not all going to die?

You speak of dissipation of the self, of the end of individuality when the bubble bursts.

Yes my darling dear this is what I said, the confusion lies in the fact that words are such liars and when we think with them too much they deceive us.

In the world of an infinite here, in an infinite now, there is no dissipation of you now, here, as you would understand that action, that term. This is not what we are fighting for, this need to live forever like some bored vampire in some novel, this is not what the battle is about; in many ways, believe it or not, we are already this so there is no need to fight for that.

The battle is about expansion, it’s about growth, about the development of the individual you through a medium of action that cannot be measured using a ruler or a ticking clock.

Someone asked me, ‘do you believe in reincarnation?’ Yes of course I do is my answer, but to explain what reincarnation means to me, I would have to point out all the ways in which what I refer to is reincarnation, may not be what reincarnation is to you.

Think about it; If we truly live, as science seems to be discovering, in an infinite now time where space is but an illusion of the senses, then how could reincarnation be possible?

Are you bound to some karmic law where at one time you may be a king or queen and at other times a worm writhing in the ground because you did something we call bad?

The answer is bound to be yes, you are a prisoner of karmic law, and also no, you are the infinite now, bound by nothing at all.
This has to be the answer because in an infinite no place now, karmic progression cannot be what you think it is. And the immortal self beckons, but it beckons in a way that certainly is beyond physically sensual awareness.

If the double is you without the physically sensual parts that bind you to this reality now, then how can explanations of that double’s existence be simply explained using typical physically sensual terms, like words.

When I speak of the quest for the immortal self, when I talk about the inner alchemical formula in order to find the immortal within you, in order to find the double within you, I am forced to use those despicable words I mentioned.

Why do I hate these words that I so love to write? Because without trying, these words will always deceive. Words must deceive you see, they don’t mean to really but by their very nature, like scorpions riding on a frogs back, this is what they do…They were created after all by a physically bound self, an aspect of self that sleeps through life as a slave and dreams every night of a double, never suspecting that it is that double, that then never realizes what it is and what it could be, what a part of it already is!

Outside of these boundaries of space and time, the double laughs and cries as it looks nowhere in order to find an aspect of itself that challenges itself, that is being challenged by, the limitation of the physical world.

Listen to me then fellow travelers. Let us all agree to listen to our words, to all these words, because they are the only things we have to communicate with in this clouded crowded place. But let us put those words under the greatest scrutiny possible because if we do not, these words will send us astray and trap us within the prisons of our own delusion.

So with these words, knowing how they may trick us, using simple terms, from my personal alchemical perspective; reincarnation is real and not real, just in case you may be interested in this one individualities opinion…and the double is not a Stargate. This is so because the double is everywhere and it is everyone, nothing else is possible.

The quest is not for immortality as you might imagine immortality to be, because if what you are looking for is an endless you doing some endless human thing then you do not need to worry because in this here and now place you already have it, and you will have it forever. That is part of the curse of physical limitation within the vastness of nowhere and everytime; it is the curse of Eternal Recurrence as one lunatic once termed it.

The quest is for evolution, but not evolution in terms of a linear progressive order through space as you judge time floating around it; it is instead evolution through expansion in a way that cannot be measured with your eyes, your ears, your hands, or any other physical aspect of your limited self in this place now, here. It is evolution beyond humanity.

This evolution, this projection beyond the immortal that you are now, takes you into the infinity Out There…into the very heart of what you may call Chaos.

To look upon the face of the Black Sun, to look upon the face of the singularity at the center of this universe, to shake and quiver and lose whatever you define as mind now, to shatter into immeasurable pieces and to wake up to a world beyond your comprehension, to rules beyond belief… this is the quest of the alchemist, this is the true quest of the true immortal self; of the double.

How do you get there, how do you break the shackles of time and space?

Oh, I have such endless tales to tell!

The Double / From The Sorcerers' Crossing by Taisha Abelar
« Last post by Raindancer on September 10, 2018, 12:24:34 pm »
"Being divided is our human condition," she admitted. "But our division is not between the mind and the body, but between the body, which houses the mind or the self, and the double, which is the receptacle of our basic energy."

She said that before birth, man's imposed duality doesn't exist, but that from birth on, the two parts are separated by the pull of mankind's intent. One part turns outward and becomes the physical body: the other, inward and becomes the double. At death the heavier part, the body, returns to the earth to be absorbed by it, and the light part, the double, becomes free. But unfortunately, since the double was never perfected, it experiences freedom for only an instant, before it is scattered into the universe.

"If we die without erasing our false dualism of body and mind, we die an ordinary death," she said.

"How else can we die?"

Clara peered at me with one eyebrow raised. Rather than answer my question, she revealed in a confiding tone that we die because the possibility that we could be transformed hasn't entered our conception. She stressed that this transformation must be accomplished during our lifetime and that to succeed in this task is the only true purpose a human being can have. All other attainments are transient, since death dissolves them into nothingness."

General Discussions / Sex Dreaming
« Last post by Sea Daughter on September 10, 2018, 10:57:38 am »
Here are some excerpts from the book, "Sex Dreaming: Esoteric Sexuality Revealed. (In the Toltec tradition of don Juan Matus & Carlos Castaneda) -- does not run contrary to the Toltec practice of celibacy in order to conserve energy, but perhaps explains more in depth. I'm not sure that I agree with everything I have read in this book -- or I should say I speed read it (I will have to go back and re-read it thoroughly), but from what I quickly gathered, scanning from cover to cover, last night, is that this book is LOADED with practical and helpful information for those seeking to defy death. Take the gems and toss the rest. I found these quotes which SO agree with everything I have learned, and KNOW to be true....

"Religions throughout time avoided giving their volunteers any practical information on how to prepare and use their Energy Double; or on how to face the coldness of infinity. Instead they promoted fairy tales that focused on nurturing self-importance through abstinence or expensive fashion; or they focused on the duality of right and wrong, with a reward at the end for being a good person. This reward was to hang out with other indulgers in another maximum-security prison of their own design they call Heaven or Nirvana. If you read your sutras and religious texts with care, you will find yourself in the land of elaborate confusion. Whether the priests or rabbis themselves were rewriting constantly over the years and got lost in their own words or chants; or that in sorting out the fight between good and evil, they had to use silly metaphors to assist the common person. Maybe their whole system is just to gather hungry volunteers to support their institutions. In either case, it is a mystery to our practical experience."

"If you notice, the religions of the world first take away sex," said Nuit. "They promote celibacy for their monks, and control their followers' sexuality through guilt and fear, rules and dogma. To replace sex, they give their followers self-importance."

"Sexual energy is the reason we search in adolescence for sexual satisfaction. It is the original desire for the continuity of any species. It is the power that makes us love life, and the reason we are motivated to sing, dance, and embrace the heart of the universe."

"Sexual energy is the main propellant that moves people to act. It is the essential component for all of us here on earth. It is the underlying heartbeat that drives us all while we are alive. We begin with the explosion of sexual union, and that explosion last until the moment of our death. The power of sexual energy is the engine that drives great creativity. Every artist in the history of art speaks of the muse, the person who inspires the desire to create. The Gate of Power is the intention of sex. It is not the fulfillment of penetration, but the desire for penetration."
General Discussions / Wise Words From John Kreiter
« Last post by Sea Daughter on August 30, 2018, 05:22:23 pm »
General Discussions / What Is Aging?
« Last post by Sea Daughter on August 29, 2018, 12:34:16 pm »
I've heard John Kreiter and others say that "aging" is a loss of energy over time ...and if you notice, sometimes aging happens quickly when someone loses lots of energy via a traumatic experience or illness.

One thing I've noticed that stood out to me so strongly that I couldn't ignore it ...and I saw this BEFORE I had heard the idea about aging being energy that you can SEE when people are aging, that they will appear to sort of "short out" day they will look like their usual youthful or somewhat youthful self, and the next they will look visibly older ....tired. Then they will seem to recover, like a light bulb that is shorting out, and get temporarily brighter -- back to looking like the previous younger version ...and then it happens again. It may happen repeatedly over a period of time ...maybe lasting a couple of years, and then the change becomes permanent and they never revert back. But toward the end, you will notice that the periods when they have recovered their energy, become shorter and shorter in duration. Then they will continue on in this new "older" condition for awhile until they start showing another step down in energy...

...So I think that if "aging" were simply a gradual process as it is described -- the body wearing out -- you would not see this back and forth movement!!

What I take from this is the importance of impeccability especially and also looking at where we are losing energy in other ways such as with poison diets -- it takes a lot of energy to process poison!! -- daily stress and unhealed emotional wounding which causes stress and energy loss in the now. Most important would be to learn techniques for acquiring and maintaining/building energy levels.

Is it possible, do you think to gather enough energy to reverse the effects of "aging"?

Of course this would not make one immortal if they had not built and strengthened their Double, and/or were to have some kind of fatal accident, but from what I gather, it takes a lot of energy to make this "crossing" or shift, so......
General Discussions / A People Without Reason
« Last post by Sea Daughter on August 28, 2018, 11:27:58 am »

"Why are those towns sacred?"
"Because for the Indians the location of each town along the river symbolically corresponds to a spot in their mythical world. Like the lava mountains in Arizona, these sites are places of power. The Indians have a very rich mythology. They believe they can step in and out of a dream world at a moment's notice. you see, their concept of reality is not like ours.
According to the Yaqui myths, those towns also exist in the other world." Clara went on, "and it is from that etereal realm that they receive their power -- they call themselves the people without reason, to differentiate themselves from us, the people with reason."
"What sort of power do they get?", I asked.
"Their magic, their sorcery, their knowledge. All of that comes down to them directly from the dream world. And that world is described in their legends and stories. "

From The Sorcerer's Crossing by Taisha Abelar

In our world, "reason" and science are forced upon us and we are even ridiculed for rejecting it. The popular thing to do is to be on the side of reason. It's not hard to see the reason why, is it?
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