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The Cords of Man and God ....Equation for Freedom



So your Mom never loved you,
treated you like Cinderella was treated by her step mom,
and you want her to Love you,
or at least say she's sorry for never Loving you.
And maybe somewhere along the way your Mom,
removed your Dad's Cajones...
( I think she had them in a safe deposit box somewhere),
and he never stood up for you against the sad nasty woman,
and that hurts you.
And maybe your children don't love you because you were never around and your insane ex wife hated you because you could not save her from her insanity, so she spent all her time studying how Nazi's and other folks used mind control, and she used it on your kids from the time they could understand, to make them hate you. (sound crazy, well, it could happen)... Maybe your boss is the biggest asshole loser kiss ass on the planet and everything that he gets credit due you, because you gave the ideas to him.
Maybe you'd like to for once be recognized for your worth...

Maybe your Sister joined a really popular Cult,
and lost Herself....
and you really loved your Sister
and want her back....

So you carry this sadness, this heaviness that is the desire to be loved by your Family, and anger at your dumb ass boss, and disappointment with your children who could not see who you really are, or who they really are.......


And the reason you even care about your dumb ass boss is because you are a working fool. You work every other person under the table, wherever you've ever worked..... and why, Because one thing your Mom seemed to Love, was a good worker.... and you are still trying to Get her Love....workin like a fool.

And as hypnotized as your children are you don't see how they will ever know you, so how can they Love you...


And you just want to be Free......

And you always thought if your children and Mom Loved you,
and your boss appreciated you,
and your sister would get her soul back....
and your Dad his Cajones
you'd be OK....
you'd be free of the Chains.

Jingle Jangle...

But your Mom and Children may never Love and Understand you
Your Sister might never find herself,
and you boss might never quit being an asshole. (that's pretty likely)
and your Dad's voice might never drop back down into the manly range...


Plan B.


What is the answer ?

Well the New Age Pundit
will tell you,

"Cut the Cords"

And this is true,
but only part of the equation.
The other half of the equation is,

Reestablish the Real Connection...

And that is done with 

You see chains are built upon

emotional and mental material..

this is what drags us down,

and makes us old.


Your desire to be Loved and appreciated.....

has very little to do with

Love and appreciation...

...but everything to do with Desire...

Chains that bind our souls

are not built upon love

They are built upon unsatisfied expectations.

You expect your family to love you

and your boss to appreciate you.

And they don't

and those unfulfilled expectations

are at the center of most of the "Pain"

in your Life...

We are Bottled Up,
tied down,
chained and imprisoned,

By Ourselves

by our own Unfulfilled expectations....


For those who don't know about this,
there actually is an energetic bundle of cords that comes into us
around our belly button region.
The fact is.... I'm afraid we're going to have to go esoteric here for a sec...

The fact is that everything that we perceive and feel
or think a certain way about...
has a cord between it,
and us.

You could say esoterically that these cords are tied to our intent....
our wills, our emotions and our minds.

The Teacher I saw on the Beach who was Flying

she was using these cords to do that...

I call these cords....,

"The cords of Man"

These cords you could say,

Maintain our position in our unique relationship
with the world of our Perception.

We manipulate and define them with our mental and emotional descriptions.

And they hold us like a spider

trapped in it's own web.

Like I say the first half of the Process of Freeing oneself from this web is

Cutting the cords.....

It's our own dang web that binds us to our Description

So we begin by cutting one cord at a time...

we tend to start with the biggest one's

Mom never lovin ya....

Let go of the emotion...

let go of the mental anguish...

let go of the expectation....

Cut the freakin cord..

"Yeah, that's great Mr. Newage Pundit Guru Dude,

But now I just feel lost and alone...."

That's because you gotta complete the equation...


OK, I just described the "Cords of Man"...

To re-connect we must understand...

and Reconnect with the ,"Cords of God".

This term ,"Cords of God is sort of a misnomer,
because it's actually one continuous cord,
but psychically viewing it....
it's hard to see it that way.

Basically the Cord's of God are what some call
The Web of Creation.

If you've ever sat on the outside edge of all Creation

and looked back inside at everything,

what you saw was this giant interconnected Golden Web

That felt like Blissful Ecstatic Love.

Everything connected to everything else..

It's a Real thing.

Just like the cords of man,

it's an energetic reality.

Not just a cutsey Newage term.

The Web of Creation

and the Cords of God 

are the same thing.

So the second half of the equation for freedom is,

RECONNECT to the Cord's of God.

So, how do you do that?

Well, upon analysis of the Material that makes this Web of Creation

and finding that it is built upon the Light of Love...

You can approach it Microcosmically by

Loving more..

Love those things that were your chains

Love your Boss,
love your family,
love George W Bush...

Or you can approach it Macrocosmically....

Do Kriya Yoga,
          find your way to the outer edge of creation and look back in,
                                          and Connect from there..

Plug in to the Web of Love that Permeates every living

and "non-living" thing...

Cut the emotion/ mental connections (cords of Man)

Reconnect with Love (Cords of God/Web of Creation...

Simple as that...
Equation for Freedom

Now another aspect to understand is that In the Web of Creation
we each have a Center or Point of Origin
and a very precise position to fill.
We expand outwardly from our point of origin
filling an area of the web
until we come up against those around us
in the web 
doing the same thing.
When we are surrounded on all sides
by those neighbors in the web...
and they have expanded as far as they can
and we as far as we can
A change occurs
some call it a ,"Change of Direction"

It was the cords of man that pulled us outward from our point of origin
to fill our particular space in the Web.
But once that position is filled and we are all pushing and crowding next to our Brothers and Sisters who have done the same
Suddenly we remember our Point of Origin
and it's a burning Light at the Center of us..
and it begins to burn away everything that isn't
well..... The Pure Essence of the Web of Creation
We don't really get the desire to cut the Cords of Man
until we've pretty much filled our designated Position
in the Web of God.
Then once we cut all of those Cords of Man...
We Merge with those around us who have done the same
This is basically what happens when we're done with the whole incarnation thing..
We merge with all of those who have merged before us...
And all together we are what some Folks call, 
The Spiritual Sun.

And Don't pretend that,
" It's All Good"
and live in a La La land of denial like most Humans.

Be Brave

Cut the cords



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