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The Cords of man and God...Mind Control...Pretty Freaky


The Cords of Man and the Cords of "God", Magic and Mind Control
Okay, WOW...YIKES, I'm going to talk about something kind of very Magical Now.
Some of you will remember our discussions when I had that nice forum ,"The Light Behind the Shadows" on Facebook, before they totally thrashed that into a non- workable place. I just did a search on Facebook and it's still there, but it is a "Secret" group and I can't figure out how to change it, besides it's linear form made it virtually useless. But you can try and check it out if you want through the link here.
Anyway I had not even thought about this subject in years, then this morning it hit a whole new level. And I got a peek at some mind blowing things on the subject which I will dive further into here.....But YIKES!!!.
If I tell you straight up front why this is an important subject now will probably freak you out, so I'm going to break it to you slowly.
So I found a couple old references here that you might want to read to get some background and to expand on a subject that is going to go to a whole new level here. Here are those links: cords-of-man-and-cords-of-god.html
and cords-of-man-and-god-equation-for freedom
So far I've just had a peak at the new information and why it's so important that I bring this subject out now....but we'll follow that thread together in a bit, after I give you some basics.

The picture above is of a Teacher of mine that I've only seen twice in this life in a physical body..once when I was 8 or so and then again when I was in my early 20's.. and that meeting was intense and very magical. You can read about her here:coming-out-of-scary-weirdness-closet. and that encounter in the first chapter and I think the 7th talks about this magical meeting She was demonstrating to me the Cords by using them to Fly....very intense.
But here are some basics.
The "Cords of God":  This is "the Web" of Life that you will perceive if you ever get the occasion to sit on the outer edge of Creation looking back in at it.  This was the experience that changed my life in 1970 when I was this nerdy "normal" guy one moment sitting on a mountaintop, and the next I was having an experience/vision so intense that everything for me changed.
 And what is seen from that vantage point is this Giant Golden expanding Web, where everything is connected by this golden cord. That I call the Cords of God (being kind of a misnomer because although it looks like cords it is actually just one single continuous cord.) We are all connected via this Web to everything else in Creation. I'm not going to address the Cords of God much today because my concern lies with the Cords of Man".  These cords enter in our belly region, they are astral/etheric in nature and connect us to the world of our perception. Normally we can't see these, although I think the only reason science hasn't been able to do so is because they aren't looking, or don't know how to. But anyway, hmmmm, I may not be able to access the info now, might need to return tonight. I'm going to spend the day with my son who will be waking soon full of enthusiasm and ready for his Dad's total attention, and this sort of puts a time constraint on me that makes "connecting" to something so vast a little more difficult..... I'll try though:
The cords of Man are of our individual and group creation, they are cords that connect us to our "perception", to our description of the world. They are built of astral, mental and etheric material and they maintain us within our description. The also receive some of their "fuel" from the cords of God, as everything does.
As there is a Web of Life or God (dang that word is hard to use with all the crazy stuff that's been attached to it) , and there is a Web of Man. You can read about these more to get the basics in the links I shared, but that time constraint I'm working under wants me to get to the point of the day.
Now these cords projecting from our umbilical region connect to the world as we have JUDGED it into being, they create this external web that holds us firmly within our description....but the News of the Day is that that very same Web is reflected within our bodies. "As above so Below". But unlike the Cords of God (being one continuous cord) they are a bundle of many cords. And each of these cords has a certain resonance, a certain mystical Colour...a very specific vibration.  These are the cords that dictate our experience when we "die"....where we travel to in that realm...what we draw to ourselves. They also push and pull us through the world of our experience . As we move through the world they are like whips extending invisibly from our belly's, attaching to the things we perceive, pushing and pulling things towards or away from us. Butterflies in our stomach when we are unsure of things are one physical manifestation that remind us they are there. When people are "attracted" to each other it is because they have connected resonant cords that are harmonious. blah blah blah blah.
 OK, here's the deal. Humans are very easily controlled via these cords. What one might call a Black Magician (as many of those currently controlling governments are) can use these cords to control the masses.   I mean, they are of an astral nature, so simply on one level they can use peoples emotions against them, this is what the controlled media does..... I mean we all pretty much know this, but I'm afraid it goes way beyond that.
When I was young I was used by the Government in some mind control experiments.  My Mom and Dad both worked for some very nefarious agencies and I was volunteered as a guinea pig.  WOW! the capabilities back then were beyond belief, I can't even imagine the level it has been taken to....(until I see the actions of the populace in the past 20 or so years)...Totally acting out of Integrity with their souls.
So the whole "mind Control" thing as I knew it had to do with the fact that it was discovered that specific thoughts and emotions had very specific "energetic signatures"....  now I see that this was the very specific resonance of the different cords of man.  We all have this very personal description, but it overlaps with the description of everybody else. Public Education ( I mean indoctrination), the media, social and cultural groups all work together to "Tune" those cords, to define them and create agreements that have an astral/etheric/mental definition. In the late 60's there was a "machine" that could decipher these "energetic signatures". The cords of Man were mapped and defined. These signatures could now be energetically replicated.
We live in an energetic soup my friends, with Wi Fi, RF signals, all kinds of Crap surround us now that has zero existence in a Primal World.  It was discovered in the late 60's that people could be manipulated via the resonance of their cords, once the specific "energetic signatures" of things (specific thoughts and emotions) was determined.  HOLY CRAP.
Now the "roots" of these cords of man and of our individual webs are within our bodies. Our disease and Dis Ease in the world and ourselves are tied to these cords with lifetimes deep roots.

And the scary reality is we can be made to think and feel and do very specific things via our cords. (many of the "Mass Shootings created to further political constraints were the product of this.)

OK, I hear movement upstairs so better go start breakfast for the Fam. I'm going to publish this but will continue the subject later, in this same post, so if you have read this, you can come back later for more...

Next morning: Let's consider these cords further,
So what do we do in order not to be controlled?

Well here we go down another scary rabbit hole.
We all know about those Chemtrails...and ..HAARP, and most have caught on to the nastiness about Vaccinations......
We are led to believe, (even by those who have perpetrated them upon us)....different ideas about their purpose..... toxic metals destroying our health etc., and on one level this is true, BUT it's all a Smokescreen to keep us from putting together the Truth about it.
And here it is:
You know how I said how thoughts and emotions have very distinct "energetic signatures"...well, these can be replicated on many levels, chemical, Radio Frequencies and even through very precise blending of colors presented to our eyes. So certain chemical blends can be made to elicit certain thoughts and reactions. (Don't eat those freakin Doritos man, he he, but NO, seriously)... Those same reactions can be generated with Radio Frequencies (via HAARP and wi fi etc.)...they can be nicely blended in those toxic cocktails they are making mandatory and pretending that you need to keep safe from the diseases they are fabricating in labs these days (but having difficulty with since they are actually clueless about what Virus's are and how they work, luckily).
Metals in the Chemtrails act as antennas in the body making us easy targets for the HAARP, and also blended to replicate certain things (Fear reactions for one), but even very specifically right down to certain thoughts.   It goes on and on and zillions of your tax dollars are funding this assault against humanity designed to keep us all under control and being the nice little cash cows for the elite that control all of this. OH, and don't forget the water supply.
Here's the deal: The manufactured "food" supply, the air you breathe, the water you probably drink, the WiFi and radio signals that permeate almost every corner of the planet..... can all be, and are, "Tuned" in ways to resonate with certain "cords of Man" in order to keep humanity complicit in the elites Game, a game designed for their profit and for the amplification of their power.
So now you have some idea of where to start to regain control.
Know where your food comes from and only eat organic real food, stay away from anything "processed", don't drink city water, stay inside or wear a freakin mask if you have to when the planes are dumping their Chemtrails. And just to clarify the hypnotism that the chemtrails are contrails .....They aren't...'s not a whole bunch of planes leaving normal vapor trails taking folks to nice family reunions and on business trips, it's a few going back and forth. There are ZERO airlines that fly their planes in huge circles and back and forth all day wasting very expensive fuel just to fly in circles. Those planes go from point A to point B.  We've seen the Chemtrail planes go way back in underpopulated areas, and turn around and head back and do it again.  Get yourself on a really high mountain and watch them sometime.
DO NOT VACCINATE, for this and a lot of other reasons.
I would Not Watch Mainstream TV, half time commercials for example in major sports events can have their Colors blended perfectly to elicit certain responses. HI DEF..., look Out People. Don't ever drink City Water, filter your water even if it's from a deep well. Keep as far away from mainstream medicine as possible.
These are just some of the basic first steps.
But the most important and difficult thing is for us to deal with our own Cords, with that which resonates with what is being put out there.
If there is no prejudice within you, they can not "strike that cord".  If we consciously make the effort NOT TO RESPOND OUT OF FEAR, all their attempts to control us via them will be subverted.
This is probably the biggest one and I guess my suggestion would be, whenever you feel yourself acting out of fear, Love, and apply your discrimination to see if there is really any immediate threat you need to respond to, 99.9% of the time there will not be.
You are being Manipulated.
Nobody in their right heart and mind would ever vote or promote the evil Hillary, or the Ignorant puppet of folks like Hillary, Donald Trump ...who is now your president. This would never ever happen in the Real World..... it was all manipulation and some of you should consider how you reacted to what I just said.... going on Defense of your Fear Based Choice.   That choice you made was not made in your was manipulated into you, using your own cords against you..... So if you did respond in defense of your choice for either of these two that were given to you by the elite....start there, that is the beginning for you...the root to be rooted out.  You were manipulated by your fears...... replace those fears for Love of what you fear and you will be taking the first step in Freeing yourself. 
It's not easy is it?
Freedom from Tyranny never is.


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