Author Topic: The Cords of Man and the Cords of God Truth about "Psychic Attack"  (Read 86 times)

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Thank you Jeff, for this ...and your other contributions to the forum.

I think you are right -- what triggers us, is us -- unhealed wounding from our past.  It's always been my experience that when I heal the wounding, the attacker vanishes from my life, or they stop their abusive behavior.  My mother is a perfect example. She is a clinical narcissist of the worst kind who's biggest goal in life, I am convinced, was to gaslight, crazy-make and terrorize me straight into the nearest nut house ...or the grave. That is not an exaggeration, though if she were to read this, she would laugh hysterically, then accuse me of "being dramatic" and having an "overdeveloped imagination".

After a lot of processing, healing and firmly setting my boundaries -- she immediately halted her abusive behavior and began showing respect. Every once in a while she will try testing her limits and I have to stand my ground, but for the first time in my life, I am able to deal with her ....and love her for who she is ....and even see and appreciate what she did give to me.

A method I have learned from John Kreiter, for fending off psychic attack, is to breath in/absorb the negative energy from the attacker, as well as your own negative energy being released via negative emotions during the attack. "Negative energy" is really just energy, which is being drained out of us during a psychic attack, and taking it back in so it's not food for inorganic beings, and also taking in the negative energy being sent our way by an attacker, effectively turns what would have been a vampire buffet into an energy boost/meal and empowerment for us.
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