Author Topic: The Cords of Man and the Cords of God Truth about "Psychic Attack"  (Read 86 times)


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Yep...... The problem with "Negative" energy is that it is a dualistic assumption...yet we live there, and the reality of every "attack" is that it is us, attacking ourselves.
After all we are the ones that turned some simple non physical energy manipulation into a negative thing with the way we have labelled it/resonated with it/responded energetically to it .  An "attack" is a resonance. It is one vibration from the "attacker" creating a resonance with something within the attackee.  If there is nothing there to resonate with..... there is zero response.... But we are humans, have defined our Island with Duality, everything labeled ...good and bad, to be avoided or to be sought....The biggest drain on our energy is in maintaining our Description. When we "stop the world" that description ceases to drain us, and we can not be attacked...there is nothing for the attack to resonate with.    BUT some folks are still collecting and ordering their Island...."stopping the world" can only be a short term thing..... For the old sorcerers, those still ordering their islands,  and even the new ones discarding their collection, the only real option...the method you mention is a good to remove the judgment that turned just plain energy into bad energy...because it doesn't matter the intention of the attacker....what matters is our resonance with that.
 Do we let it tie into our Judgments of "Negative" and therefore drain us....or do we relegate it to simple energy being focused with a certain frequency that we can choose to resonate with or not.
 And as you implied it can then empower us...... but this is a temporary fix....the long term fix is removing the duality from that which is triggered, or resonates with the energy they put forth.
For the old way sorcerers this entails re-ordering it upon their Island, relegating it to a place of Non-importance....
To the New Sorcerers the Duality...the judgment that defines the energy as this or that, and therefore affecting us this way or that way,  is eradicated...... basically thrown off the Island.
My Mom was the same way..... you could call her a Denizen of Evil...(actually was a lifer in Government Covert operations that were quite Horrific,) and she believed in it all....volunteered me in some of their .......experiments.......  I was glad when she left this plane but can't imagine the Hell Realms she got pulled into....OH MAMA!!
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