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The Cords of Man and the Cords of God Truth about "Psychic Attack"


This is a topic you rarely see approached.... so I want to address it in a few threads here.
I have this one Teacher, I always call her my “Highest teacher”. I've only seen her in Physical form twice, once when I was 8 years old, then later...grown up, during a Vision Quest...shortly after an encounter with one of Don Juans students....Leading me to wonder if they are somehow connected. It was pretty cool the way it happened.  Here's a link on my blog that talks about her and the Guy who was Don Juans gotta go down a ways to Part 6 about Jill and PackRat...

Anyway the Teacher taught me a lesson about the cords, she demonstrated by literally Flying over the ocean...... The cords and the understanding of them is essential to the Sorcerers Old and New.
So I'm gonna copy and paste some old writing I did on the subject...

I posted this on a forum for a woman who was having some difficulties, what came through I really wanted to share here so I changed names.
Hi (person 1),
About “cutting the cord”
I wrote a long reply here last night… started “channelling Spirit” as some folks call it…and crashed my computer.. This happens all the time, used to think it was some ill intentioned spirit that didn’t want particular info out in the world…cuz it was usually on the subject of  “the Cords”, then a friend pointed out that my energy was just so high in that state it was probably just me….  It’s frustrating though and I’m writing this elsewhere now in hopes of cutting and pasting. So here we go again, sorry this is more coming from memory than a direct connection with the info, but maybe I can get it out this way.

About cutting the cord that (person 2) so intuitively suggested. This is what I wanted to speak with you about…. Her suggestion of visualizing cutting the cord is most intuitive… this is not merely a cute and handy little visualization tool for easing discomfort from someone else’s energy….. these cords actually exist, and it is through actual “cords” that the energy enters us.

The subject of the cords is not very well known for some reason in the “spiritual community” and I give credit to (person 2) for bringing up the method of cutting the cord as it was always my first suggestion to folks wanting “to protect”. So even though my dsl/internet box seems to have been fried last night from too much energy, I’m writing this in Word, constantly saving, and will get it out to you one way or another.
OK, the Cords. There are to my knowledge 2 types. One I call the cords of Man (these are the ones (person 2) spoke of) and then there are what I call the cords of God. I learned about the cords of man through personal observation and was taught about the cords of God by an incredible Teacher who actually used them to fly. read about it here:
 then scroll down to Meeting the Teacher and Returning from a Magical Journey.

Today we are only concerned with the cords of man. Now the cords of man enter us in our umbilical region (use this knowledge in whatever cord cutting ceremony you do). These cords are astral in nature…they are built upon emotional/desire/fear energy. They in many ways (not in appearance but in most other respects) resemble crystals. Two attributes of crystals and cords are of most importance to note. First is that a crystal in solution only draws to itself that which is the same, and second…is the quality of resonance. The cords of man work through resonance and a very large part of human communication is taking place through the resonance of cords. You know how when you get emotional your stomach gets tied in knots…you could say on one level this is the cords getting tangled. Anyway when we are “psychically attacked” it comes into us through these cords. So the cutting of a cord that causes us discomfort can be a solution to “psychic attack”. But it is important to understand how it is that cords work…to understand what exactly cords are so we can gain the most from our experience with the cords of Man.

One way to learn more is to go into some public place and take up a position of observer (stay apart from the human drama). And watch peoples interaction. For instance, in a crowded bar a guy walks in looking to find himself a little company …his cords are flying all over the place…looking to connect… They come out of his belly and probe at every potential conquest… however only some women respond. You can notice that some will “feel” him, before they even see him…some might be responding before they have even sighted the dude. The reason is this…as I said cords work with resonance….each cord is built of a certain blend of astral has it’s own hue so to speak…and when it encounters a similar cord in another person…it resonates…. (Feeling the Chemistry). As I said so much of human interaction takes place on this level…and it’s not a problem unless it is not comfortable for one person. Have you ever noticed how you can feel someone checkin you out before you see them, or heard the expression that they “had the feeling of being watched”, well that was awareness of a probing cord. Humans are virtually puppets to these cords sometimes. Now I think it is important to understand where these cords come from…as I have stated they are of an astral nature… Being of an astral nature they are an impediment to our spiritual growth, and the fact is they are buried so deeply in us some times, buried hundreds or even thousands of years in our past. OK, it works like this… this is where the seeds to the cords come from….actually I’m only going to address the cords that cause us discomfort here.

OK (person 1), we have lived a very long time in human bodies, hundreds and thousands of years. Folks on spiritual forums tend to be older than folks on certain other forums….. so during the course of countless lifetimes we have done many “good” things, as well as many “bad” things. Of course now in this lifetime we are understanding that these dualistic judgements are no longer useful or valid, but a thousand years ago when we cut off some dudes head for messin with our significant other… we felt really bad about it later…we didn’t like ourselves much and we didn’t like the guilt we felt or the idea that we were these “bad” people. So we pushed that memory into a dark corner of ourselves so we would not have to feel ashamed. Throughout thousands of years we have pushed thousands of things into dark corners… every thing we fear…we push away, just as we pull every thing we desire to ourselves. Well every thing we fear that we have pushed away to make ourselves more comfortable in our skins…does not go away…and the energy that is required to keep it in that dark place out of the way…feeds it. In all our efforts to avoid those things we have judged fearfully…as bad…. We have not dispelled them in the least, they may be out of sight, but the law of manifestation that says wherever we put energy there will be manifestation in one form or another related to the energy….and as I said it takes a great deal of energy Not to face our fears…

I’ll restate that…It takes a great deal of energy not to face our fears…. And with this energy feeding each repressed judgement of “bad”… what forms is the cords of Man. So now we dance like puppets at the mercy of our fears, our past judgements…and whenever someone comes along with a similar cord, there is a resonance that reminds us of a long repressed “judgement” we had generally about ourselves.
You see so much of our human problems arise because humans have a far more difficult time loving and forgiving themselves, than they do loving and forgiving others… So we carry repressed guilt and judgments of “bad” around for centuries… And they are kept held back in their place because by now all the energy that has gone into repressing them has built them into HUGE monsters that we really fear.
When we are victims of psychic attack we are resonating with a cord that someone has, that also exists in us… in a repressed state…and huge. In a psychic attack it is not the “others” energy that causes us distress, it is actually our own… being hit like a tuning fork by theirs. When it comes down to it, ALL psychic attack really comes from our own past…not some other persons energy…that is just the catalyst that reminds us.

The problem is that if we were suddenly to see all the things we have pushed into dark corners for centuries and fed with the energy of our repression… we’d come to the idea we were the Devil Himself…. This is why we choose to keep those things held back in their dark places…. But this is also the only reason we are subject to “psychic attack”.

You (person 1) are a very sensitive person, but you have this idea deep within that you are not as loveable as you are. You have this deep seated feeling that you are not a beautiful, incredible glowing creation…and you base this on deeds you judged hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Skin problems and joint problems are very very often caused when these demons we have pushed into dark corners…try to escape, and we won’t let them.

The key is not further repression of these demons…that only feeds them. The key is LOVING them TO DEATH.

(person 1)…. Know so deeply in your heart that you are so lovable…. Deeds done were human deeds, we all do them, and they are all forgivable. The way I look at psychic attacks is they are a gift… a reminder that somewhere way back when, we made a judgment that was not based in love… Now the “attack” is a reminder of that judgment, so we can love it, and free it.

You see (person 1), bad skin and joint problems are a “psychic attack” that is originating in you, towards you.
The external attack you had from that other person started to uproot certain cords of yours, hence the discomfort at suddenly becoming aware of them. Then after that “attack” you diligently tried to put those cords back in their dark places so you wouldn’t have to feel them. The skin breakouts are caused by repression of our awareness of our own cords. Because you are becoming enlightened and the things in the dark corners…the roots of the cords…are being exposed. Now the choice is to lovingly and fearlessly face them… or repress them some more…. But that won’t work forever…it might give temporary respite…but your body is telling you that it’s not going to work anymore. It’s time to Love and Forgive yourself…and past “Transgressors”.

You might do some past life regression therapy…cuz part of the problem is that the roots go so deep and the plant grown and the fruit it bears barely resembles the root, so we don’t know the enemy we need to Love.

When I was in High School I was the king of the Nerds. I was the archetype Nerd. My Mom dressed me in polyester and I had a sizeable collection of pocket protectors. Well the polyester, and my self consciousness made me sweat like a fiend. I had 12 inch circular rings in my armpits that would go all the way down to my waist. I tried putting toilet paper under my pits, but when that fell out of my sleeves was worse than dealing with the rings. People called me Lake Erie Arm Pits…and that was my friends. He he Ouch…anyway the more I worried about my sweaty pits, the worse they got. Finally in my senior year I took this class (this was the end of the 60’s)..and this was a class called human development, first ..and sadly last of it’s kind back then…. But it did me a lot of good and I stopped worrying about what people thought of me, I found out in that class that the person who was hardest on me…was me…the rest of the folks were having their own issues. Anyway in one day, upon this realization…my arm pits dried up..

Not sure why I shared this…somehow seemed pertinent.

Anyway (person 1), Protection works… and cutting, or sidestepping the cords that are probed at you…works…very well. But it is only temporary, it does not remove the problem, because the truth is that the problem is in you…in the past. And these cords in you you can not cut…. You have to pull them up. And this is done with Love and forgiveness.

Love yourself from Beginning to end…know that everything about you is sacred and beautiful. You are a blessing to the world, and have been for thousands of years…even when you thought and judged otherwise. Love yourself to the deepest reaches of your soul and your face will clear and joints be free. You don’t have to Fear because what you are really fearing has no substance beyond what you give it, and when you finally come face to face with what it is that you actually fear..and love it…. You will laugh and laugh and cry tears of Joy.
You are blessed (person 1)….remember that.

Sea Daughter:
Thank you Jeff, for this ...and your other contributions to the forum.

I think you are right -- what triggers us, is us -- unhealed wounding from our past.  It's always been my experience that when I heal the wounding, the attacker vanishes from my life, or they stop their abusive behavior.  My mother is a perfect example. She is a clinical narcissist of the worst kind who's biggest goal in life, I am convinced, was to gaslight, crazy-make and terrorize me straight into the nearest nut house ...or the grave. That is not an exaggeration, though if she were to read this, she would laugh hysterically, then accuse me of "being dramatic" and having an "overdeveloped imagination".

After a lot of processing, healing and firmly setting my boundaries -- she immediately halted her abusive behavior and began showing respect. Every once in a while she will try testing her limits and I have to stand my ground, but for the first time in my life, I am able to deal with her ....and love her for who she is ....and even see and appreciate what she did give to me.

A method I have learned from John Kreiter, for fending off psychic attack, is to breath in/absorb the negative energy from the attacker, as well as your own negative energy being released via negative emotions during the attack. "Negative energy" is really just energy, which is being drained out of us during a psychic attack, and taking it back in so it's not food for inorganic beings, and also taking in the negative energy being sent our way by an attacker, effectively turns what would have been a vampire buffet into an energy boost/meal and empowerment for us.

Yep...... The problem with "Negative" energy is that it is a dualistic assumption...yet we live there, and the reality of every "attack" is that it is us, attacking ourselves.
After all we are the ones that turned some simple non physical energy manipulation into a negative thing with the way we have labelled it/resonated with it/responded energetically to it .  An "attack" is a resonance. It is one vibration from the "attacker" creating a resonance with something within the attackee.  If there is nothing there to resonate with..... there is zero response.... But we are humans, have defined our Island with Duality, everything labeled ...good and bad, to be avoided or to be sought....The biggest drain on our energy is in maintaining our Description. When we "stop the world" that description ceases to drain us, and we can not be attacked...there is nothing for the attack to resonate with.    BUT some folks are still collecting and ordering their Island...."stopping the world" can only be a short term thing..... For the old sorcerers, those still ordering their islands,  and even the new ones discarding their collection, the only real option...the method you mention is a good to remove the judgment that turned just plain energy into bad energy...because it doesn't matter the intention of the attacker....what matters is our resonance with that.
 Do we let it tie into our Judgments of "Negative" and therefore drain us....or do we relegate it to simple energy being focused with a certain frequency that we can choose to resonate with or not.
 And as you implied it can then empower us...... but this is a temporary fix....the long term fix is removing the duality from that which is triggered, or resonates with the energy they put forth.
For the old way sorcerers this entails re-ordering it upon their Island, relegating it to a place of Non-importance....
To the New Sorcerers the Duality...the judgment that defines the energy as this or that, and therefore affecting us this way or that way,  is eradicated...... basically thrown off the Island.
My Mom was the same way..... you could call her a Denizen of Evil...(actually was a lifer in Government Covert operations that were quite Horrific,) and she believed in it all....volunteered me in some of their .......experiments.......  I was glad when she left this plane but can't imagine the Hell Realms she got pulled into....OH MAMA!!


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