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Re: A vampiric synchronisity
« on: June 29, 2018, 09:26:03 am »
Forest, thank you for sharing this story. I can certainly relate to parts of it -- about just beginning to form the connection between vampires and sorcerers in my mind, and especially about trying and failing to fit in with others.

The man you saw who appeared to be Jason you think this was your Double? The reason I ask is because I believe the Double will do all it can to catch our attention and get us on the path -- even skin-walking other humans, as Mikal Nyght writes about in his book, Darker Teachings of The Immortals.

And speaking of authors, John Kreiter's work blew my mind when I first discovered his books -- the first one being, The Vampire's Way to Psychic Self Defense. I almost didn't buy the book because I thought ....really, vampires?? That's silly, right? But I bought the book anyway, and then was very pleasantly surprised to find inside, references to Carlos Castaneda and the ability to form the dreaming body into an immortal vessel.

But re vampires and Hollywood ....One can find so much truth revealed in movies and TV shows -- if you're able to separate it out from the deception.
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