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A vampiric synchronicity
« on: May 21, 2018, 09:00:54 pm »
OK so earlier on my path, before hearing or reading abouy any comparison between sorcerers and vampires, i was began to form the connection in my mind. I've only read a blurb about it since so i would be happy to hear anyone else's comments on that metaphor as well. First i will tell my story and tthenshare my thoughts on the whole matter.

So at the time of this event i had recently taken a plunge into the world of power/knowledge. It was a very difficult and exciting time for me. On this particular night i was out partying. After visiting several venues i ended up in a bar with a dj playing. The whole night i had been feeling the vampire mythos real heavy. I could feel it in myself...vampirism. I could feel it in the air. Like a story being played out before me...where i was the main character and everyone knew the plot but me.
I will say that i was feeling particularly desperate that night. What i was going through was accepting that i was differentfrom everybody else...much different. I felt that i couldnt have fun in the same uninhibited way as the other party-goers. I didnt have the right demeanor, the right look, or the ability of wild abandon that they had. In fact while everyone else seemed to be having a grand old time on the dance floor, i was stomping hard, with fervor and precision to not miss a beat. I was - in spirit- blasting dimensions and getting downloads from reptillians. Real knowledge. Cold, hard knowledge. The type of knowledge that you wouldnt wish upon anyone.
Anyway, so i was feeling like a freak, feeling like a vampire, and just beginning to accept that i would never be capable of being an average man... In all its blissful ignorance.

So needless to say it was a very difficult emotional time for me and to be honest there was still a small part of me that suspected i might just be going crazy.
Until i took a break from dancing and turned to look....
Right there, standing 20ft away and staring right at me was a man. He immediately poknted at me and signaled for me to come here. He had singled me out. He looked oddly fimiliar and my insides lurched when i recognized him. It was Jason F***en Stackhouse from True Blood!!! (Its an HBO sitcom about vampires). He greeted me with a hug.

Now, at this point i instantly recognized it as an omen. The universe was showing me that there was validity to what i had been feeling, and proving that i was not crazy. I also knew that our conversation would be symbolic likewthe spirit would be speaking through him. So i was on high alert for omen interpretation haha.
The first thing i said was "i know who you are!" and he replied "Who?"
"Jason!" he signaled for me to 'Ssshhhh' and then said "But just a man."
BOOM! Right there. The facts were laid out hard. He could have been the epitome of what i was wishing i was- handsome, sociable, blisfully ignorant...and there i was, dumbfounded. But at the end of the night? Hes just a man. I was entering the sorcerers world. The dreamers world. I was anything but a normal man.

The rest of our conversation was simple except that he said one more thing that stuck with me. After a pause in our talk, he asked me if i had ever been to a certain festival. I said yes, its great . he replied " see, i wanted to connect with you in some way." as if to tell me that a man of knowledge can still enjoy the simple pleasures of life. A bit of a relief to me.
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Re: A vampiric synchronisity
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2018, 09:26:03 am »
Forest, thank you for sharing this story. I can certainly relate to parts of it -- about just beginning to form the connection between vampires and sorcerers in my mind, and especially about trying and failing to fit in with others.

The man you saw who appeared to be Jason you think this was your Double? The reason I ask is because I believe the Double will do all it can to catch our attention and get us on the path -- even skin-walking other humans, as Mikal Nyght writes about in his book, Darker Teachings of The Immortals.

And speaking of authors, John Kreiter's work blew my mind when I first discovered his books -- the first one being, The Vampire's Way to Psychic Self Defense. I almost didn't buy the book because I thought ....really, vampires?? That's silly, right? But I bought the book anyway, and then was very pleasantly surprised to find inside, references to Carlos Castaneda and the ability to form the dreaming body into an immortal vessel.

But re vampires and Hollywood ....One can find so much truth revealed in movies and TV shows -- if you're able to separate it out from the deception.
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Re: A vampiric synchronicity
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2018, 03:06:41 pm »
Hey, Rumplstiltskin, Ive been meaning to get back to you and get back on here for a while. Hah. Anyway, to answer your question, to think of Jason as my double or not would be but a creation of mind that is based on something intangible. Ive had another encounter that more closely matches the idea of a skinwalker, and i will post that into a new thread into the Double section. Remember that we each have unique ways of being touched by the unknown.  I would be interested to hear any experiences you have had related to skinwalking.